Travel guide: Tokyo - Episode 06 - the Shinkansen of the future

Tokyo - Osaka in one hour with the Shinkansen of the future

written by: Sara | translation: Erika | source: TimeOut Tokyo

We continue with our practical guides about Tokyo and today we talk about the Japanese railway system, one of the most efficient in the world, and the jewel of this system: the shinkansen.


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An integral and characteristic part of Japanese infrastructure, the shinkansen (新幹線) are the famous "bullet trains". They travel very fast up to 320 km / h, to take us from one city to another in no time.

The Shinkansen lines

Currently, there are 15 known lines that allow us to travel to different destinations in Japan. From Tokyo towards the south we have the Tokaido Shinkansen line, which connects the capital with Osaka. The Sanyo Shinkansen line connects Osaka to Fukuoka, while the Kyushu Shinkansen line from Fukuoka crosses the island of Kyushu from north to south. Shinkansen Akita, Hokkaido, Hokuriku, Joetsu, Tohoku and Yamagata also depart from Tokyo.

The challenge of the Rising Sun is always constant: to offer safety and maximum efficiency.
In 2015, Japan Railways Group (JR) managed to break the world speed rail record with the magnetic levitation train that reached 603 km/h. From here, the company developed a program to maintain this impressive record, something we could define futuristic. We are talking about the Tokyo-Nagoya-Osaka section. This new initiative is called the Linear Project and is expected to be completed in 2037.


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The trains of the future

Japan Railways has always been committed to implementing ultra-modern trains. In fact, the company is now focusing on building a linear Shinkansen capable of traveling with magnetic levitation. This type of technology would have retractable wheels that do not touch the tracks making the train elegantly "slide" without any friction. This futuristic shinkansen would travel at a top speed of 500 km/h, taking us from Tokyo to Nagoya in 40 minutes and from Tokyo to Osaka in 67 minutes.

tokyo Osaka shinkansen

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Obviously, this project requires a new infrastructure that allows a connection from Tokyo to Nagoya situated for the most part underground. In fact, this would avoid areas prone to strong earthquake shocks. With costs that would be around 50 and a half billion, the first part of the route could already be completed in 2027. So, we just have to wait and follow developments.

What do you think of traveling at high speed? These futuristic trains are now part of our reality and the shinkansen has an incredible charm: have you had the opportunity to try it? Tell us about your experiences!

Travel guide: Tokyo - Episode 05 - Rent in Tokyo

Cheapest Apartment rent in Tokyo

written by: Sara | translation: Erika | source: Soranews24

We continue with our practical guides about Tokyo with a focus on the cheapest apartments ret that can be found in the city.


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How many times did we think "What if I went abroad to look for new opportunities?" and at the same time the fear of the prohibitive prices of the apartments kept us from realizing this intention?
Today pursuing this dream is possible! If you are thinking of Tokyo as a destination, you should know that there is nothing prohibitive. Small apartments at affordable monthly prices will allow you to start a new life in this wonderful megalopolis.

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The Japanese real estate agency Suumo has published the result of a study demonstrating the convenience of rental rates of the great cities of the Rising Sun. Of course, the apartments taken into consideration are one-bedroom apartments between 10 and 40 square meters and are not located in the city center. In fact, as we know, in this area we find offices, commercial activities together with the most luxurious multi-story residences. However, thanks to the proximity to the stations or subways that allow you to move easily and reach any destination, also the external areas become important options to consider!


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The most convenient residential areas in Tokyo

The result of Suumo's research was the following:

59,000 yen per month near Kasai Rinkai Koen Station (JR Keiyo Line). Akihabara, Tsukiji, Ginza or Roppongi can be reached in just 14 minutes by train from Tokyo station and with a one-way transfer to the Hibiya subway line.

60,000 yen per month near Kanamachi Station (JR Joban Line), from which you can reach Ueno and Keisei Kanamachi (Keisei Kanamachi Line).

62,000 yen per month near Kita Ayase Station (Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line), which leads to Harajuku and Shinozaki Station (Toei Subway Shinjuku Line), which, as the name suggests, catapults us directly to Shinjuku.

63,000 yen per month near Funabori Station (Toei Subway Shinjuku Line), Horikiri Shobuen Station (Keisei Main Line), Ichinoe Station (Toei Subway Shinjuku Line), Keisei Tateishi Station (Keisei Oshiage Line), Shibamata Station (Keisei Kanamachi Line) and Takenotsuka Station (Tobu Isesaki Line / Tobu Skytree Line).


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Don't you feel heartened? That feeling of being able to say, "then can I make my dream come true if I want?". There is really nothing unattainable if we can seize the right opportunity.

2020 Best Japanese Shows on Netflix

We can’t really deny the fact that Netflix is one of the biggest revolutionary inventions of the latest years, so here are some of the best shows available on the platform.

In the last weeks, the world has changed, and these days when we are forced to stay home, our very intimate relationship with Netflix has become even closer. In fact, this is the moment when you can take advantage of all the new Japanese shows on the streaming website. Whether you are a fan of tv series or not, you can enjoy these shows and also practice your Japanese skills.

Terrace House

2020 Best Japanese Shows on Netflix

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Terrace House (テラスハウス) is a reality show franchise in Japan. The first series of the show was also known as “Boys×Girls Next Door”. It aired on Fuji Television's Cool TV from October 12, 2012 to September 29, 2014 for eight seasons. After the huge success, an independent film was released as a continuation/conclusion of the series.
On September 2015, Netflix previewed Boys & Girls in the City as one of its Original Series. The new show is a co-production of Netflix and Fuji, also broadcast on Fuji Television in Japan switching also its location to a hidden area in central in Tokyo.

One of the most well known Japanese show of the platform, Terrace House has its obvious draws. We are all intrigued by the inevitable romances that blossom on the show, but it’s also interesting to see how the people in the show work to accomplish their personal goals. Of course, together with this, there are also the occasional hiccups among the housemates, which are always fun to see.

Midnight Diner: Tokyo Stories

Best Japanese Shows Netflix

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Do not watch while you are hungry. “Midnight Diner” features a man who is known as “Master” and runs a small restaurant from midnight to 7 am. The place welcomes a mixed clientele every night who share their fascinating personal stories while eating mouth-watering home-style dishes. During these hours, the Master becomes a confidant for everyone.
As you join these lone diners at the table while they connect with each other, you’ll find yourself connecting with them too and discovering a new reality of the Tokyo By Night.

As we said, do not watch this if you are hungry or you will start craving whatever Master is dishing up that night, even if we can’t guarantee that won’t happen anyway.

The Naked Director

Netflix Netflix

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This is the show everybody is talking about. Inspired by the life of director Toru Muranishi, the show is a provocative narrative of his eccentric and bizarre adult film career. During the apex of the economic boom in the ‘80s, Toru Muranishi, an unsuccessful salesman, tries his luck in the porn industry in Japan. Despite the lack of experience, Muranishi quickly learns the potential of VHS and builds an empire for himself, revolutionising the Japanese porn industry.

The Comedy-drama series was only released in August, however, Netflix has already confirmed the renewal of the show for a second season.

Samurai Gourmet

Best Japanese Shows Netflix Best Japanese Shows Netflix

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After a year of being a salaryman, Takeshi Kasumi struggles to find a new routine for himself. While his wife carries on with her usual daily activities, Kasumi goes out looking for a bite to eat. While around he discovers his inner samurai who encourages him to live each day to the fullest. Living also each meal to the fullest will help him, and us, enjoy the food the way it’s meant to be.
Samurai Gourmet is a series that not only will help you rediscover the beauty of each meal but also take you to the streets letting you explore yourself and a new city.

Queer Eye: We’re in Japan!

Best Japanese Shows Netflix

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A reality rebooted in 2018 and ready to release its 5th season. The show had overwhelming success and caught the attention of a man with its inspiring message of self-worth.
Five experts take on Japan for the first time and help some locals to rediscover themselves by sharing their flair and skills. With Naomi Watanabe and Kiko Mizuhara the group set out to transform lives together. This long-awaited mini-series filmed in Japan is and highlights some of the most exciting cultural aspects together with some emotional moments.


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If you liked “The Devil Wears Prada” this is the show for you. Wide-eyed newcomer Mayuko Tokiya starts working for a lingerie design house in Ginza, the Tokyo fashion district. Even if she’s at her first job, Mayuko is determined to find her feet under the scrutiny of the company and its founder, sort of a Japanese Anna Wintour.
This one-season long series will take you on an eventful journey where Mayuko paves her way in a fast-moving fashion house and city.

Million Yen Women

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Adapted from the homonymous manga by Shunju Aono, five women appear at the house of a struggling novelist, Shin Michima. By paying him a monthly sum of a million yen, they ask for rent and living expenses in exchange. However, Michima doesn’t know why these women are here and they won’t let him ask any questions. While this could seem like a story from a manga for young men, each woman has actually her own personality. Their refusal of giving out any information creates an interesting dynamic that will amaze you and make you watch all the episodes in one go.


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When in high-school, have you ever dreamed of switching places with the most popular girl in your school? This drama series tells the story of a depressed student Zenko Umine who commits suicide while a fellow student Ayumi sees her falling from the rooftop. After passing out, Ayumi wakes up and finds herself in Umine’s body, while Umine is in Ayumi’s. With many twists and turns, we get a closer look at how the high-school students are under pressure from today’s society.

Good Morning Call

Best Japanese Shows Netflix

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Among the most successful shows on Netflix, the two-season romantic comedy-drama series is a live-action television adaptation of the homonymous manga by Yue Takasuka. Co-produced by Fuji TV and Netflix, the story is set in Tokyo and follows the relationship between teenager Nao Yoshikawa and Hisashi Uehara. When moving to her new 2 bedroom apartment, Nao discovers that the coolest and most popular guy in school is also moving in. Realizing they have been scammed into renting the same apartment, they agree to become roommates in secret so to be able to make the rental payment. While following their adventures, you’ll find yourselves rooting for this couple and being amazed by how much relationships can be difficult at any age.


Best Japanese Shows Netflix

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Premiered on Netflix on February 27 2020, the series revolves around the city of blinding lights, Tokyo. With its life, colours, fashion and ambition, the city is a background for the story of Limi Nara, a famous and successful fashion photographer. She advanced her career with photographs of modern Tokyo, capturing the changes in the city and the people that live in it. Leading a confident and independent life both privately and professionally, she’s in contrast with the young struggling actress Natsume Hyakuta. Having problems in both her professional and personal life, Hyakuta is in search of self-confidence and her own identity. All of this changes when one day Limi publishes a photograph of Natsume on Instagram. From this moment on, the life of the young actress and the ones around her changes completely while these two women try to find their own way to happiness and love.


Best Japanese Shows Netflix

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Kei Nagai, a student who discovers he’s an Ajin, a demi-human when he’s fatally wounded in a traffic accident. In this world, a small number of humans possesses extreme regenerative abilities that are triggered upon death or mortal injuries. This allows them to completely recover from their wounds in a matter of seconds, even the most extreme ones. Together with this, Ajin can create “black ghosts”, highly dangerous combat-oriented entities that are invisible to normal humans. These ghosts are resistant to any physical injuries, have extraordinary physical strength, razor-sharp teeth and claws. Black ghosts have their own level of intelligence and for example, most of them are completely reliant on their Ajin for directions, others are more independent.

Obviously, Ajin are considered dangerous and inhuman by the people and most are captured by governments. The nations came to protect Ajin but in reality, they use them as subjects for cruel experiments to exploit their healing abilities. As a result to this, two factions are created and some Ajin escaped from the laboratories are looking for revenge. Tune in to this sci-fi anime series and discover how the story unfolds.

These are just some of our favourite shows currently available on Netflix. Join the conversation on our Facebook page and tell us which one is your favourite!


It's Kiiro Week time at TENOHA Milano! In fact, the Hinamatsuri (雛祭り), also known as the Doll Festival or Girls' festival, is celebrated in Japan and also at TENOHA Milano.

Kiiro Week
Usually, this holiday is held on March 3 of each year in Japan and is a very heartfelt anniversary. It consists of exhibiting a series of ornamental dolls representing the emperor, the empress and other representatives of the court of the Heian period. During the Hinamatsuri, family members pray that the girls can have beauty and health by passing bad luck to the dolls so to avoid the bad luck on the girls. In the rest of the world, together with the Doll or Girls festival, women are celebrated on March 8th. TENOHA Milan, a real bridge between Japan and Italy, decides to bring the two parties together and presents Kiiro Week with a typical Hinamatsuri dish: Chirashi-sushi ちらし寿司 in a wooden bento (juubako).

Kiiro Week dishes

The sets that you can taste are composed of Chirashi & Osuimono.
Chirashi sushi is a typical and popular dish. Rice, eggs, prawns, tuna, salmon, tobiko, cucumbers, lotus roots, yellow peppers and snow peas.
Osuimono is a soup with clams, turnip tops and yuzu


When: March 4-9
Where: TENOHA &| TASTE, TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18
Meal: lunch & dinner
Cost: Special lunch set KIIRO: 18€ | Special dinner set KIIRO: 18€


SET: Chirashi & Osuimono
2 special drinks (weekend only)

Merippa, the comfort of home directly from Japan

Feel good at home, feel truly at home with Merippa, available at TENOHA &| SHOP in TENOHA Milano. Comfort has never been so beautiful!

Merippa Merippa

Soft and comfortable, these slippers fit perfectly on your feet . After a stressful day, How much would you like to be able to go home and wear comfortable shoes, especially if you have a job that requires high heels? Or, how much would you like to make a beloved and special gift? Merippa will give you the comfort, warmth and innovation you are looking for thanks to the new slippers that can also be used as comfortable socks. They resemble slippers, but they are as light as socks, thanks to the Japanese fabric with which they are created. A great combination of elegant design and functionality. There are many people who like to wear socks at home, others who want slippers, Merippa satisfies both! Reversible, soft, light, resistant slippers that you can machine wash and carry in your suitcase, precisely because of their ability to be folded up like socks. No more space occupied unnecessarily with Merippa, it takes very little to carry them around everywhere and despite this, the textile quality is very high and with a large variety of colour choices. Have you seen them? Have you seen how many colours are available? Comfort, as we said, has never been so beautiful!

Merippa Merippa

In Japan, there are various Merippa pop-up shops. We are talking about a very famous brand in Japan that is now becoming almost viral here in Italy! Merippa is everywhere and you can find it at TENOHA &| SHOP in Milan, with its winter and spring collections.

Merippa is what you are looking for to be cool even in the comfort of your home. The focus of this brand is precisely to be able to give beauty and elegance even in moments of relaxation. If you have friends at home, you will see how much your Merippa slippers will be envied! Surely they will also ask you where you got them, well ... the answer is simple: a TENOHA &| SHOP!

Be unique and particular even within the walls of your home, let Merippa tempt you, the beauty, absolute comfort and practicality of Japan finally here in Italy!


TENOHA &| SHOP: COKON LAB BEAUTY BAR • Free cosmetic testing & Beauty treatment

There is a new appointment not to be missed in the city: the new Japanese Beauty routine with KEIKO at &| SHOP in TENOHA Milano! It is only chapter 1 of this new adventure that you can experience here at TENOHA Milano, an all-Japanese beauty treatment! Are you ready to be pampered and to abandon all the stress you have accumulated? You can't really miss this opportunity, also because it's unique!


The products

Cokon Lab products are promoted by Keiko who, thanks to short personal sessions, will delight you with hand massages giving you moments of pure relaxation thanks to the silkworm! The presentation of the products is varied, and the brands are too:

Kenzan head massage
Scalp diagnostic

Hand massage

Hand massage
Auto facial massage
Trial of gold leaf mask

What are you waiting for? Let go of stress and enjoy total relaxation!


Where: TENOHA & | SHOP, TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
When: 23 Febbraio - Morning: from 11:00 to 13:00 | Afternoon from 16:00 to 18:00

Fukushima Mirai Challenge Project and the future of Japan

The future is at TENOHA Milano with the Fukushima Mirai Challenge project, available until the end of February.

If you want to know what the word "resilience" really means, you need to dwell on this article. We are talking about the future, rebirth, enthusiasm, passion and true love. In Japanese, Mirai means Future, the future of Fukushima prefecture. Since March 3, 2011 nothing has remained the same since the tragedy in which the earthquake and tsunami destroyed families, houses and businesses. As I said, nothing has remained the same and there is something that has blossomed like a flower in the desert: the desire for rebirth. Resilience. To continue your work despite everything. This is exactly the basis of the Fukushima Mirai Project, the project for the FUTURE. Twelve municipalities in the prefecture of Fukushima adhere to this important project and have decided to return to their activities after the evacuation order that took place years ago.

Fukushima Mirai Challenge Fukushima prefecture Fukushima Mirai Challenge

The rebirth of Fukushima with the Fukushima Mirai Challenge

In the Fukushima Mirai Project, there is the desire to start again, to rebuild and create, to revalue cities, to be reborn. In fact, this project supports autonomous companies, promoting their development also in the foreign market. Today we will take for example two areas that are struggling with their wonderful products to be reborn, read carefully not only with your eyes but, above all, also with your heart.

Fukushima Mirai Challenge Fukushima Future Fukushima Mirai Challenge

Saiei Orimono with Kawamata Silk

The challenge of the "Saiei Orimono" company in the city of Kawamata participating in the Fukushima Mirai Project is that of "the thinnest silk in the world". Surely you know how much of precious fabric silk can be, but have you ever touched the lightest silk in the world? Feeling it in your hands is something unique, incredibly evanescent, just like a feather and in fact, more than 1000 spectators, ambassadors of each country included, were able to admire the "Fairy feather" silk during a show that was held at the UNESCO headquarters in Paris. Do you know what it is? The lightest and thinnest silk in the world, therefore a feather, for this reason, the dress deserved the name of "Fairy feather". In Japanese it is said hagoromo which means feather dress. At TENOHA &| SHOP you can find scarves of various colours made with this incredible fabric.

Fukushima Challenge Fukushima Mirai Challenge

Saiei Orimono & Beyond Kimono

BEYOND KIMONO at the UNESCO headquarters informs us of the many compliments from the audience for the colours and texture of the fabrics. This shiny, subtle, firm and iridescent product is unique and manages to make you feel incredibly special. Many brands from all over the world have chosen this fabric for everyday clothing such as scarves.

For a practical example of the lightness of the fabric, President Yasuyuki Saito said that a normal wedding dress weighs more than 10 kg. The wedding dress that uses Fairy Feather silk weighs less than a tenth of 600 grams. Before making this special fabric, Saito's thought developed thanks to a designer, Yumi Katsura, who had worked on wedding dresses before. "I want to create a dress with which the bride can also dance at her wedding". This is where the thinnest silk in the world comes in! This thought gave birth to the beauty and lightness that marry and rests gently and elegantly on you.

Due to the earthquake in the Tohoku region, the company also suffered from logistic disruptions. The difficulties they faced were many, but they also have an even greater desire for rebirth. In fact, the Fairy Feather dress was completed the year after the earthquake, despite all the difficulties, always remaining in continuous development.

The desire for rebirth of this company is concentrated on the quality of this silk that you can all touch and wear now thanks to the Fukushima Mirai Project and to TENOHA &| SHOP, TENOHA Milano.

Ikariya Shoten with Ōborisoma-yaki

Let's move from clothing to traditional crafts used by the prefecture of Fukushima and beyond. With Ōborisoma-yaki we have ceramics that have cracks, double cooking and colour as main features. Also due to the 2011 earthquake, the evacuated companies have looked for various places to continue production, as a cooperative, continuing their work.

Japanese ceramic Ceramics

Ōborisomayaki is a term that indicates the pottery produced throughout the Ōbori area, in the cities of Namie and Futaba. We are talking about a ceramic with an important history behind it that even begins in the Edo period. In feudal society, it was called Soma, after which it became Ōborisoma-yaki. The production of this material had become a secondary activity for farmers. However, it became so important that it reached 100 production ovens at the end of the Edo period, spreading from the island of Hokkaido to the entire Kanto area.

Ōborisoma-yaki and the Meiji era

In the Meiji era, after the war, the production centre increased dramatically. The market from Japan also spread to the United States under the name of "Idea Cup" and "Double Cup".

The Tokyo Electric Company's Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident in March 2011 forced all residents of the city of Namie to evacuate until the end of March 2017. Instead, the Ōbori area where Ōborisoma pottery was produced, was and still is inaccessible.

Fukushima Mirai Challenge

Obviously, all this did not deter the Ōborisoma-yaki Cooperative which in 2012 created a temporary laboratory and an office in Nihonmatsu. Pottery lessons, exhibition and sale of products, workshops, common ovens for potters who wanted to go ahead with their activities were also born in this area.

Ordering Ōborisoma-yaki products, requests for exhibitions at ceramic events and classes are just some of the elements of rebirth we can witness. The works of Oborisoma-yaki are also here in TENOHA &| SHOP, TENOHA Milano, who proudly participated in the Fukushima Mirai Challenge project.

Fukushima Mirai Challenge Fukushima Mirai Challenge Fukushima Mirai Challenge

Fukushima Mirai Challenge, unique products

Fukushima Mirai Challenge is a project that not only gives us unique products but also supports an important story. Every product we wear or keep with us means rebirth. In fact, the thinnest silk in the world from Kawakama and the splendid Ōbori ceramics are only an important part of the future of Fukushima.

Do you want to touch the future yourself? Do you accept this important Challenge? We look forward to seeing you at TENOHA Milano for the entire month of February and remember that any purchase will go in favour of the government project to recover the disaster areas. Each of us can contribute to the rebirth of Fukushima and support this very important project, becoming an essential part of the future of Fukushima Mirai Challenge.

Official Website | Facebook page


HAKKEN SHINSHU, a special Valentine's Day in TENOHA Milano in collaboration with PRIME MEAT, an amazing Wagyu experience. You already know that the union TENOHA Milano and PRIME MEAT is a winning one right? Remember the wonderful menu last Wagyu December? Now you can get inebriated again with the best meat in the world, Wagyu!


Thanks to PRIME MEAT and TENOHA Milano we can enjoy the Wagyu experience, let your beloved half try it too! If you don't know where to spend Valentine's day with your partner or if you want to try a new and exciting experience, we have the solution! Have a special and unusual evening in the welcoming environment of TENOHA Milano with a special formula, a menu chosen for Valentine's Day! The experience we are talking about is dedicated to the SHINSHU area right in the centre of Japan. The special guests of the evening will be the great Chef Kubo and Chef Tsukada. They will be the ones to guide you in the discovery of different types of sake combined with the incredible recipes created with the typical products of Shinshu.

Hakken Shinshu: the Wagyu menus

APERIDINNER • Special St. Valentine
1 DRINK included - last order 9.30 pm

3 pieces of Nigiri
3 types of Otsumami
3 types of Sake

Standard +
2 Nigiri of Wagyu

LARGE € 25
Standard +
2 Nigiri of Wagyu
& Ramen

Already from the menu, you can realize the speciality you are going to try. But it will never be like tasting them, so join us and spend a special Valentine's Day here in TENOHA Milano with PRIME MEAT SELECTION! Feel as if you were in Shinshu with love and discover the heart of Japan!


When: February 14, from 18:00 to 22:30
Where: TENOHA MILAN - Via Vigevano, 18