TENOHA & | SHOP: Fukubukuro, the Lucky Bags land in Milan

TENOHA Milano still amazes and introduces us to the Fukubukuro or better known as Lucky Bag. Do you know what they are? If you went to Japan you surely know what we are talking about. However, in case you never went there, obviously thanks to TENOHA MILANO you can live it and learn about these beautiful lucky bags here in Milan! In fact, the same name Fukubukuro has the meaning of: fuku, good luck and fukuro, bag.


The beauty of this is exactly not knowing what's inside, the surprise. Since we are kids, the surprise is what has always fascinated us the most, waiting, discovering something new. Now, you can do it right here at TENOHA Milano with these special surprise bags! In Japan they can be found, in various forms and with various prices during the holiday season. It is not only a nice surprise but also something that has to do with a very important Japanese saying, Nokorimononihafukugāru or "there is a treasure in what remains". What does it mean? That sometimes, what is not taken into consideration and maybe discarded, it still may contain something special. Do not leave any stone unturned, so run to discover the beautiful surprises that are reserved for you.


When: dal 21 Dicembre al 6 Gennaio
Where: &|SHOP TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: Da 25 a 75€, ci saranno 3 Temi dedicati per 3 Fasce prezzi

For more information click the following link: https://www.tenoha.it/

TENOHA & | WORKSHOP: getting to know Sandalino

An opportunity not to be missed, both for adults and children! TENOHA MILANO presents the new pop-up book for children "Sandalino" by Shingu Susumu! Have you ever heard about it?

It tells the story of a mysterious and sweet robot that falls from the sky into the garden of a child, it is he who calls him Sandalino because he likes his sandals. But the name Sandalino is also a tribute to the region of origin of the master Shingu, Sanda in the prefecture of Hyōgo, where the Susumu Shingu Wind Museum is located with all the sculptures designed by the artist. Also this time you don't need to take the plane and you can meet this tender character at TENOHA MILANO through a creative workshop held by Anne-Lise Calas of Lili's Atelier.

The event in collaboration with L'Ippocampo Edizioni, which edited the Italian edition of the book, is very reminiscent of Collodi's novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio". Don't miss the chance to experience a special fairytale day with your children! If you participate in the unmissable workshop, you can have the book SANDALINO discounted by 15% at the & | SHOP in TENOHA Milano!


When: December 14th 2019 from 15:00 to 16:00
Where: TENOHA MILAN - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan
Cost: € 25
Participants: 15 pax per session (from 6 - 9 years old, under 6 years old accompanied children)

* Advance payment is required at least 2 days before the workshop date.

For more information, you can write to: workshop@tenoha.it or click the following link: https://www.tenoha.it/upcoming/workshop/sandalino/

Travel guide: Tokyo - Episode 03 - Best places to stay in Tokyo

Finding accommodation in Tokyo is extremely simple as the city offers types that fit everyone's needs. Whether it's a luxury hotel, a family one, a ryokan, the brand new capsule style, or something cheaper, Tokyo offers everything. However, what really makes the difference is the neighborhood. As we have seen in our blogs, each of them proposes splits of a complex and fascinating society, characterized by history, culture, modernity, technology and much more.

For this episode dedicated to our practical guides, we have decided to offer you and collect a list of what for us are the best areas to stay in Tokyo based on interests and their most outstanding characteristics.

Back in time: Asakusa, Edo all the way!

photo credits: ar.jal.co.jp

Asakusa, with its picturesque streets, offers history and culture without precedent. This neighborhood allows its visitors to immerse themselves in what used to be the old Tokyo of the Edo period. Traditional restaurants, inns, and shops where crafted souvenirs can be found everywhere. The center is the Sensōji temple, dedicated to Kannon Sama, the Buddhist goddess of mercy, the oldest place of worship in Tokyo.

Charm at great heights: the romanticism of Ebisu

photo credits: tokyocheapo.com

One of the Yamamote Line stations is Ebisu, a district of Shibuya with its tall skyscrapers. Here we also find the Yebisu Garden Place, a tower with European architecture, whose entrance is free. Surrounded by squares and gardens, here you can dine in a restaurant that looks like a French castle and you can fall in love with a breathtaking view of all of Tokyo. Ebisu is also home to the Mitsukoshi department store, the Beer Museum and the Tokyo Photographic Art Museum.

Extravagant nightlife: Roppongi & Shinjuku


photo credits: flickriver.com

Roppongi is the neighborhood that, par excellence, hosts bars, izakaya and restaurants that offer any type of cuisine. Roppongi is especially known for the Roppongi Hills, a gigantic complex that includes offices, apartments, shops and restaurants. But also cinemas, parks, a museum, a hotel, a television studio, and an outdoor amphitheater. At the center of this whole area stands the Mori Tower, a 54-story building.

Even more "outside the box" is Shinjuku, whose nightlife is vast and in some ways even perverse thanks to Kabukicho, the famous red-light district and the Golden Gai, a maze of narrow streets lined with an impressive number of tiny bars.

Far from the frenzy: Meguro


photo credits: realestate.co.jp

Predominantly residential, metropolitan life pauses in Meguro and the atmosphere is hipster. Here there are unique boutiques, elegant cafes, restaurants and vintage shops. However, what makes it all magical is the tree-lined area along the Meguro River. Here in spring the cherry trees give this neighborhood a rosy and extremely relaxing hue in which to enjoy a traditional picnic.

Kids will love Odaiba


photo credits: livejapan.com

There is no place more suitable then Odaiba for families. This artificial island offers plenty of entertainment for children of all ages. In fact, here we find the Toyota Mega Web, the famous Miraikan museum, Joypolis, Legoland and many shopping centers, overflowing with restaurants for every taste.

For lovers of luxury and food, nothing is comparable to Ginza

photo credits: gotokyo.org

There is no neighborhood known for its luxury shopping area like Ginza. Here we can find famous (and expensive) shops, but also department stores that, in the basement, host truly unique food shops. Moreover, Ginza is also famous for its restaurants that range from French haute cuisine to fusion dishes. But also for small izakaya and sophisticated cocktail lounges. In short, if you love drinking and eating and you want to devote yourself to gastronomic tourism, this is for you!

Fashion, dynamism and transport: Shibuya


photo credits: photo-collection.geo.fr

Want to experience the real frenzy of Tokyo? Shibuya will not disappoint you! This is in fact one of the most dynamic areas of the city. Constantly illuminated by the giant screens that are present on all the buildings, it is also the most colorful and characteristic area thanks to the young people who are dedicated to the art of cosplay. Not to mention the ganguro fashions (flashy and kitsch alternative clothing) and kogal (clothing and makeup are flashy and inspired by the West, exasperating our characteristics). Shibuya is one of the largest transport hubs in the country. From here, trains, metro, and highways will allow you to get anywhere at any time!

After reading each neighborhood's offers, which of these areas correspond to your personality? What do you look for in your stay in Tokyo? Write us your opinions and tell us about your experiences related to one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Travel guide: Tokyo - Episode 01

Traveling is a unique experience that allows us to broaden our cultural background and come into contact with realities that are more or less distant from ours. In the same way, however, one of the most widespread customs is that of returning home, bringing back even material memories.
For this reason, in this new episode of our special guides, we want to show you where, how and what to buy in Tokyo!

We do not want to nourish the spirit of consumerism in you, but rather to lead you on the path of unique, cute, useful, necessary, satisfying purchases. In fact, the human being also needs to feel pampered and to spend some extra money for the sake of it.
So here is our little trip to the Tokyo shopping world!

Walking through Asakusa: Nakamise Dori

photo credits: thejapanesedreams.com

The Nakamise Dori is one of the most characteristic pedestrian shopping streets in Asakusa. Lined with numerous stalls where you can find traditional souvenirs and snacks, it is a perfect stop for last-minute purchases. The shops that line the street are a real paradise for those looking for washi, the Japanese paper for origami.

In the heart of Shinjuku: Okadaya

Tokyo shopping

photo credits: shinjuku-guide.com

The Okadaya store offers 6 floors of craft items, yarns, sewing kits, DIY guide books, linings, traditional Japanese materials, and other special fabrics. A destination much loved by students attending the design and fashion school nearby!

100 Yen or so: Daiso

Tokyo shopping

photo credits: planetyze.com

Daiso today is a brand known in many countries around the world and there are plenty of shops throughout Japan. In Tokyo, it's the ideal place to spend little and find a lot of objects more or less useful, cute, funny, particular and so on. Despite the extremely low cost, they are of a surprising quality!

Cuteness overload: Aranzi Aronzo, Character Street, Sunshine City e Yamashiroya

photo credits: matcha-jp.com

In the Tokyo sky tree shopping center, Aranzi Aronzo was opened, a store where everything is "cute, strange and cuddly". Here we can find tender characters in the form of toys, household items, stationery, accessories and craft books.

On the lower level of the Tokyo station, from the Yaesu and Marunouchi exits, the Character Street peeps out on First Avenue. It is an entire commercial street overflowing with shops dedicated to the most beloved characters in Japan. Here we find Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma, Totoro, Miffy, Tamagotchi, Rement, and Pokemon! Also at the Okashi Land, it is possible to stock up on the most famous sweets and desserts known as Pocky!

Tokyo shopping

photo credits: happyjappy.com

Instead, near the Ikebukuro station, there is a skyscraper of 60 floors inside which we find two shopping centers! In Sunshine City, there are wonderful shops like Donguri Kyowakoku, where you can find anything with a Studio Ghibli theme. And let's not forget about Dagashiya, where you can buy all kinds of sweets in lovely packages. HAPiNS, where you can find unique and delicious utensils and objects for the home and the plush toys of Hannari Tofu and Alpacasso. In addition, we also find the Pokemon Center, the Sanrio Vivitix, Kutsushitaya, the Village Vanguard, Swimmer. In short, there is certainly plenty of choice!
Yamashiroya is right in front of the entrance to Ueno station. A splendid store of 6 floors to be explored that offer all kinds of toys, collectors' items, action figures. But also stuffed animals of every kind and brand, souvenirs and lots of gacha-machines that supply some of the most beautiful gashapons!

The Creative Life: Tokyu Hands

Tokyo shopping

photo credits: gotokyo.org

The Tokyu Hands has really many branches scattered around Japan and here in Tokyo, they are easily traceable to Ikebukuro, Shibuya, and Shinjuku. It is the store par excellence where you can really find everything and everything typically Japanese! Whether they are creative, artistic and craft items, household items, beautiful stationery. Or suitcases, pots, furniture or tools for DIY, Tokyu Hands is a paradise. This is probably the place for which I would recommend an absolutely mandatory visit!

Which of these stores struck you most? Do you already have in mind a list of things that you absolutely must buy once you arrive in Tokyo? I believe that you will go crazy and you will probably spend money on absurd objects that you never thought you needed ... at least until that moment!

TENOHA & | TASTE: Sake Experience with Ayako Yoshida

The Hakken menu continues at TENOHA MILANO but this time we are talking about sake!

sake hakken

TENOHA MILANO once again brings Japan to Italy. Get ready, organize three special days with those you love or with friends to come to TENOHA Milano! This special Japanese drink becomes again the protagonist of a new experience with the collaboration of CBCTV Japan!
The internationally renowned sake sommelier, Ayako Yoshida, will take us on a wonderful journey with the company of different types of sake from two areas of Japan, Hokuriku and Shinshu.

Ayako Yoshida has decided to let us get to know these new flavors directly from Japan! Absolutely unique food and drinks, you can't miss this special occasion! The TENOHA aperitif is always more unique than rare, you can't find the same or better anywhere else, but this time they have outdone themselves! Are you ready? Obviously you will find us from Japan Italy Bridge here in the front row, join us in discovering new flavors!

Sake Hakken Hightlights

※ Special Guest: Ayako Yoshida, internationally renowned sake sommelier
※ Japanese welcome drink
※ Sake selection and food pairing with specialties from Hokuriku and Shinshu
※ Japanese Tea


When: 6-7-8 December from 6.00pm to 8.30pm
Where: &|TASTE TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: 12€

*Powered by CBCTV

TENOHA & | TASTE: Hakken Wagyu!

Attention please! A GREAT NEWS! How much did you dream of eating Wagyu meat while not in Japan? TENOHA MILANO has decided to give you another great opportunity! Every day for the month of December, you can try a new HAKKEN menu and she is the protagonist, the much-vaunted and desired Wagyu meat, in particular, the beef sirloin [KAGOSHIMA GRADE A5].

Tenoha Wagyu Tenoha Wagyu
You can take advantage of three menus which are described below:

Menu 1 Menu 2 Menu 3
Nigiri Sushi
Sirloin of
Wagyu beef
Nigiri sushi from Wagyu and Chianina beef
Udon in broth of
dashi with wagyu,
chive and ginger

Let's enjoy the holidays at TENOHA Milano, because in addition to all the fantastic surprises in store, they decided to let us taste the Wagyu meat in its best shape! Obviously, Japan Italy Bridge will be here!


Where: & | TASTE TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
When: Dal 01 Dicembre al 30 Dicembre

Carne Wagyu sponsored by “Selection Prime Meat”

TENOHA & | WORKSHOP: customized pop-up cards

We are approaching Christmas and TENOHA MILANO, who has always accustomed us to wonderful surprises, has decided to give us another special event: a workshop dedicated to personalizing your greeting cards!


This is a Christmas edition workshop to wait for the holidays together with a great artist, Anne Lise, aka Lili, who for over eleven years has worked for important international brands as an illustrator. In her Atelier, she organizes workshops to give space to imagination and DIY.

The gift is certainly beautiful, but accompanied by a special and personalized ticket is even better! Do you want to build your greeting card and amaze everyone? You can do it here at TENOHA Milano. It will be an experience not only unique but certainly fun. TENOHA Milano never leaves us without surprises! We are waiting for you!

TENOHA Biglietti pop up


When: 30 novembre dalle 16.00 alle 18.00
Where: & | WORK TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: 30€ pax
Pax: 10 max

Music Week at TENOHA Milano, live performance by Elsa Martignoni

A very special aperitif at TENOHA Milano on November 22nd and 23rd, it's Music Week time!

Music Week

We also want to celebrate the Music Week together, so the special TENOHA Milano aperitif will be accompanied by the music of Elsa Martignoni. Passing from various genres such as world-music, European lounges to Japanese songs. From contemporary electronic experiments to pop, dance to rock, the multifaceted violinist crosses the boundaries of "classical" music to arrive at contemporary electronic experiments. It will be possible to buy her ECLETTRICA album, a collection of his experiences and various musical genres.

A few words about the artist

Elsa Martignoni at the age of 5 began studying piano and violin at 8. She received her Academic Diploma in violin with Maestro Gigino Maestri and in 1998 began to improvise, bypassing the knowledge of classical music. One of her peculiarities is that of moving and dancing in motion performances. Everything happens with the accompaniment of an amplified classical violin designed especially for her and with an electric Yamaha Electric Sonic Cantini Led-Lights Ted Brewer. Her performances are usually accompanied by various artists and live performers of international fame.


When: November 22-23
Hours: 18:00 - 20:30 Aperitif | 19:00 - 20:00 Live performance
Where is it: &|TASTE TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano