Tokyo è classificata come la sesta città più percorribile al mondo

Have you ever wondered in which cities getting around without your own transport (such as a car or scooter) is quick and easy? We live in this situation every day and driven by curiosity, we browsed some rankings and… Tokyo is often considered one of the most efficient and walkable cities in the world!

Its public transport network is extremely developed and well organised, with trains and subways covering the entire area efficiently. In addition, the city is known for its cleanliness, safety and ease of orientation, factors that contribute to its reputation.

Tokyo Tokyo

It is common for companies and organisations to produce such rankings to assess the liveability of cities based on their accessibility without the use of a car. This time it was the insurance company Compare the Market AU that published the list of the main cities where getting around without a car is advantageous and Tokyo appears in sixth place! Incidentally, it appears to be the only non-European city to make the list:

Monaco (Germania)
1- Munich (Germany)
2- Milan (Italy)
3- Warsaw (Poland)
4- Helsinki (Finland)
5- Paris (France)
6- Tokyo (Japan)
7- Madrid (Spain)
8- Oslo (Norway)
9- Copenhagen (Denmark)
10- Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Did you ever imagine this? We expected it: every time we have been to Tokyo, we have never encountered any problems reaching any destination we wanted to visit!


What do you think? Do you agree with the ranking? Or would you have included other cities?