The famous Japan Rail Pass now costs 70% more than pre-covid prices, however, despite the significant price increase, its benefits continue to pay off.

Japan Rail Pass

What is the Japan Rail Pass?

We could define the Japan Rail Pass as a “tourist pass” and, despite the increase in prices, its convenience is still unbeatable.

The Japan Rail Pass is a multi-purpose train ticket. It allows unlimited use of all Japan Rail National trains, buses, ferries and airport transfers.

The JR Pass allows you to travel with ease and save time during your stay, even on Shinkansen trains, without having to purchase a new ticket for each trip.
Additionally, JR Pass holders will be able to enjoy discounts at some of Japan’s most popular tourist attractions starting October 2023.

The extreme increase in prices

Tourism to Japan has once again skyrocketed; many industries and even local governments are considering how to charge and tax services.

JR, the company that manages the country’s high-speed shinkansen train service, has been offering 7- and 14-day unlimited ride passes for years. In fact, with the JR Pass it is possible to use the Shinkansen, the famous bullet train, with unlimited rides; the only requirement is to book your trips in advance.

For those who don’t know, the prices of a shinkansen ticket can vary from €50 to €100 per ride, depending on the route. This makes us understand that despite the increase in prices, the cost of the Japan Rail Pass is still useful and convenient, especially if you have to travel to different parts of the city or country.

However, the pass will now have an additional cost. In fact, as of October 2023, season ticket prices have increased by nearly 70%. The positive side of the price increase: the new ticket will allow access to the faster Nozomi and Mizuho services, which were excluded from the previous ticket.

Japan Rail Pass

What does the Japan Rail Pass include?

As we said, the Japan Rail Pass allows you to use all trains and public transport belonging to the Japan Rail National company. This for example includes most public transport in Tokyo, the Shinkansen line and several lines in cities such as Osaka, Kyoto, Nara and many others across the country.

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