Tougei, a breath of joy and nature for your home[:]

A completely renovated and particular house with Tougei! On the table, you can show the most beautiful, fun and special cutlery!

Tougei Tougei

What’s Tougei

Tougei is a Japanese company that produces wooden tableware and ships them all over the world. Founded in 1980, Tougei uses the finest woods, that is beech, cherry and sawo which is an Indonesian plant. Why wood? First of all for its resistance, then for its uniqueness because two identical kinds of wood do not exist. There are many differences in colours, veins and knots, as each person has a different personality from the others.

Tougei Tougei

The quality is very high and thanks to the careful processing of the wood finish, the product is not only smooth to the touch but aesthetically perfect. Tougei has created tableware not only to be admired by adults but also to be loved by children who will feel happier to eat with cat-shaped or squirrel-shaped spoons. Tougei combines business with pleasure and beauty!

The products

Many times we have guests in the house and we would always like to show off a particular and elegant table. As a gift idea, or for your own home, these products are the solution that was missing and now it exists! At TENOHA &|SHOP you can find the necessary to renew your table as you prefer, thanks to Tougei. Your table will not go unnoticed, as your gift for those you love will not go unnoticed, it is a novelty, it is elegance. Butter knives, cutlery for cake and jam, sugar spoons, ladles, bowls, chopsticks and chopsticks holders, everything is new, as you have never really seen it!

Tougei Tougei

Perfect for the home, wonderful as a gift but also excellent for restaurants! If you want to renovate your restaurant with cutlery, special bowls and excellent quality, something that can also be nice for children with the animal line, rely on Tougei! Take a look at the products in TENOHA &| SHOP and choose the tableware item you like best. Give a new life to your table with Tougei, even everyone will see you as special and different from the rest.

A different restaurant and table, it’s time to renew! It’s time for all Japanese new items and elegance! Are you ready for Tougei?