HAKKEN SHINSHU, a special Valentine’s Day in TENOHA Milano in collaboration with PRIME MEAT, an amazing Wagyu experience. You already know that the union TENOHA Milano and PRIME MEAT is a winning one right? Remember the wonderful menu last Wagyu December? Now you can get inebriated again with the best meat in the world, Wagyu!


Thanks to PRIME MEAT and TENOHA Milano we can enjoy the Wagyu experience, let your beloved half try it too! If you don’t know where to spend Valentine’s day with your partner or if you want to try a new and exciting experience, we have the solution! Have a special and unusual evening in the welcoming environment of TENOHA Milano with a special formula, a menu chosen for Valentine’s Day! The experience we are talking about is dedicated to the SHINSHU area right in the centre of Japan. The special guests of the evening will be the great Chef Kubo and Chef Tsukada. They will be the ones to guide you in the discovery of different types of sake combined with the incredible recipes created with the typical products of Shinshu.

Hakken Shinshu: the Wagyu menus

APERIDINNER • Special St. Valentine
1 DRINK included – last order 9.30 pm

3 pieces of Nigiri
3 types of Otsumami
3 types of Sake

Standard +
2 Nigiri of Wagyu

LARGE € 25
Standard +
2 Nigiri of Wagyu
& Ramen

Already from the menu, you can realize the speciality you are going to try. But it will never be like tasting them, so join us and spend a special Valentine’s Day here in TENOHA Milano with PRIME MEAT SELECTION! Feel as if you were in Shinshu with love and discover the heart of Japan!


When: February 14, from 18:00 to 22:30
Where: TENOHA MILAN – Via Vigevano, 18