TENOHA &| TASTE: Chef Sawayama choices

In February there is a special menu that the great chef Sawayama chose for TENOHA Milano. Japan lovers and not, the festivities in TENOHA never end! This is an opportunity that you absolutely cannot miss. We are talking about a special menu, chosen by a great Japanese chef with dishes that you won’t find easily. As we have often said, you don’t need to fly to Japan to taste something special, without a plane, just with the subway, the car or the bicycle and you are in TENOHA Milano!

As you well know, TENOHA Milano has accustomed you very well to traditional and special dishes already with the famous HAKKEN menu. Well, now chef Sawayama wants to surprise you again with a new menu chosen by him, only in February. Let’s take a look.


CURRY – 16€
Japanese curry is dreamy, here we find it with beef, vegetables, rice salad and kobachi.




YU DOFU – 12€
Chef Sawayama wants you to taste the tofu in hot kombu seaweed broth, spicy toubanjang sauce and soy sauce with vegetables. If you don’t know what we are talking about, let yourself be tempted by this unique appetizer.


As you can see in the photo, it is not only a delicious but also a wonderful to see dish, as they say, Instagram ready. Amberjack carpaccio in dried tomato sauce served with marinated red daikon and dill.

TENOHA curry sawayama

Even in the evening, you can enjoy Japanese beef and vegetable curry served with rice.

Don’t miss the chance and don’t miss any of the choices because this menu will only be available in February, so hurry up. We are all waiting for you here at TENOHA Milano.

Further information: https://www.tenoha.it/
TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano