Replug, unleash your creativity with Japanese stationery

We are all a little tired of the usual stationery gifts, it’s time to change to the stationery brand directly from Japan: Replug! Let’s get to know a new important brand of the Japanese tradition, created by TDS Co. Tokyo.

Replug Replug

Replug tells us about advertising planning and creation of projects, with unique stationery products. Have you ever thought about how stationery could be a way of developing and showing your creativity? Business cards, sticky notes, wall calendars everything the creators are proud of. Maybe everything we’ve always looked for and never found. In fact, we often find everyday objects that do not have all this peculiarity. However, we find this particularity, personalization and practicality in these Replug products. We are talking about simple designs that will be able to give a touch of uniqueness and comfort to users, also because they are products that can be completely assembled and mixed together! Are you ready to know them all so that you can also study all the possible combinations?

Let’s take a look at these products by browsing them one by one:

Replug Moon Calendar 2019 Replug Moon Calendar Gold 2019


It is not just a calendar, but something that we have probably been looking for for some time. Do you love the moon? Do you know someone who loves the moon? This is the ideal object to give or keep for yourself. in fact, this wall calendar not only shows the days but also the phases of the moon and we know how important the moon is, right?
The silhouette of the moon with its phases is represented every day, from January to December. Know in advance (and with elegance) what awaits you this year.

Replug Triangular 2020

Replug Replug

And as a desk calendar? Obviously Replug does not offer you the classic product, but something absolutely unique, never seen before! A calendar that folds into a triangle so that you can see three months at a time. One of the many beautiful and interesting things about this calendar is that you can not only leave it on your desk but also carry it in your bag so that you can always have it at hand. From January 2020 to February 2021, experience uniqueness with this calendar, both in the office and on the go.

3’s Calendar 2020

One of the nice things about Replug is that it gives you the opportunity to choose between many variations of the same product. Now let’s talk about another desk calendar. the New standard for the three-month calendar. With this elegant and unique design, you can have under control three months at a time and the contrast between black and white adds a strong and angular presence.

Tag Schedule

Replug Replug

Here’s a really useful and interesting thing. Your notes will be ready to stick wherever you want! I don’t know about you, but I often don’t find a sticky sheet to schedule a meeting or a commitment, here with Replug’s Tag Schedule there is the possibility of having everything in a comfortable gesture! Plan and attach the commitment you scheduled so that it can be seen! On the notebook, PC monitor, desk or refrigerator. As always, we can count not only on a unique design but also on a powerful adhesive that will keep your commitment handy as long as you want! The colours are varied and according to your choice! What do you prefer between dark blue, red, brown, light blue and light grey?

Sara’s book

Replug Replug

Even if it is written that it is Sara’s book, this is a notebook to be used freely as you prefer. It is comfortable because it is the same size as a business card holder and particular for its attractive design. You can create a new notebook by personalizing it in the way you prefer. Start creating your personal one with your Sara’s book! The colors are many, red, white, grey, black and their combinations!

Log Book

An agenda where business cards can be placed! Have you ever seen it? Maybe not, because Replug has launched this very interesting gift and personal idea for an incredibly particular and elegant business! Are you ready to be unique in your business meetings? With Log Book you will give your loved ones or, why not, yourself a unique and professional design. Because, after all, we are all businessmen.

Your Log

What is Your Log? A memo card booklet with the right size to take it anywhere! You will never forget an appointment with Replug’s Your Log any more, you will remember everything not only effectively but very elegantly and you will not go unnoticed. Create “your album” with everything you like!


Replug Replug

And if we want to combine business with pleasure? If we want to have fun while being effective in work and in life? Replug offers us Taco-ASHI! An exclusive octopus-shaped sticky note pad is in use from the office to the private scene. The perfect gift for those who want to be and feel practical, fun and very Japanese-like!



Here we are with another unique item: The Washi-Dog! Replug offers you a “hairy” greeting card with Mino washi fibers. You have certainly never seen such original greeting cards! This product uses Mino Washi, one of the traditional Japanese papers which gives a smooth surface sensation. The Washi-Dog is made by Japanese craftsmen patiently one by one and can be used both as a business card and as an ornament. Really too good!

Atelier mio


This is an interesting innovative product for children and not only! It is a calendar with sheets for drawing, from the “Reggio Emilia” pedagogical method. It is located in the corner of the TENOHA &| SHOP to understand its use, so you can try it! Children can start drawing thanks to the shapes and it will be very interesting to see the colours they choose and how they colour with their fingers! An experience that will surely enrich us adults too. There aren’t many opportunities that allow us to experience all this, so what are you waiting for? Get to know this Replug product, which is not only beautiful and particular to exhibit but also a novelty and a lesson for all of us, young and old.
KITPAS colours are safe for children and easy to remove from your fingers with a wet cloth or tissue.

All the Replug products we have just talked about are available at TENOHA & | SHOP! Come and experience innovation and fun!