Nikken Cutlery not only decided to explain to you how Oda Nobunaga and the greatest Samurai cut the tags from their clothes, but they also created the way to make you do the same nowadays!

Nikken Cutlery makes you feel like real samurai

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In ancient times, the Samurai never left the house without their sword, because they didn’t know when they should defend themselves. Nowadays, luckily it’s less likely to meet enemies or brigands on the street (hopefully!), but still, the need of having to cut something or open a snack could happen. How nice would it be to be able to open a snack with this set of mini scissors in the shape of the real and historic katana? Enjoy the samurai spirit into everyday life!

Nikken Cutlery Nikken Cutlery

If you look carefully, you can also notice the famous hamon on the metal of these cutters in the shape of a katana, do you know what it is? The hamon (刃 文) is the line of tempering that characterizes the katana obtained through differentiated tempering.
A particular type of “differentiated” hardening between the back and the wire produces a slightly different colour line on the cutting edge, called hamon (刃 文). The shape of the hamon is an identifying sign of the age of the blade and of the author. In fact, the real katana connoisseur, looks at the hamon immediately. Obviously, Nikken Cutlery has also remained faithful to this for these special cutters.

Nikken Cutlery Nikken Cutlery

Nikken Cutlery, which is based in the city of Seki in the prefecture of Gifu, offers three models:

  • First model: based on the Heshikiri Hasebe, the famous sword of the warlord Oda Nobunaga.
  • Second model: Izumi no Kami Kanesada from Hijikata Toshizo, deputy commander of the 19th century Shinsengumi group.
  • Third model: it comes from Shinsengumi, in the form of Yamato no Kamiyasusada, the sword of Okita Soji, a member of Shinsengumi.

And there’s more! The mini katana is equipped with a mini katanabukuro (the cloth container), with the blue and white Shinsengumi motif for the swords of Hijikata and Okita, or purple for the Nobunaga katanas.

Nikken Cutlery Nikken Cutlery

And again! Nikken Cutlery has decided to make you a Samurai also in the office. It’s true, their skills have also expanded in the creation of office tools and we are talking about surprising katana-shaped letter openers with the possibility of personalized engravings. So you want to open the letters like a real samurai? Not a problem thanks to Nikken Cutlery!

Nikken Cutlery samurai

Also here you can choose among three varieties of katana letter openers. Each of them is equipped with support, so you can show your warrior spirit to everyone and with pride!

  • First model: “Iron Cloud”. Its handle is black and gold, and its sheath seems coated with lacquer since it is a glossy black with golden sparkles.
  • Second model: “Scarlet Gold Cloud”, with an elegant black and red hilt and a red sheath with splashes of gold.
  • Third model: “Black Grains of Rock”, which has a purple and black hilt and a black sheath with a rough texture that appears to have been roughly carved from lava rock.


All sheaths are hand-painted by craftsmen, so each of them will be unique, as the blades are always created by Seki craftsmen. Each blade will have a very tapered edge but don’t worry, they are specially designed not to cut human skin. It is not a real weapon, be quiet warriors! In addition, the blade is carefully hardened with a heat treatment that uses traditional blacksmith techniques and makes them resistant.

In case you are interested in the very personal engraving, these are made on the blade near the hilt and they can be names, messages, given all within eight kanji, hiragana and katakana characters or 15 Roman letters and numbers including spaces.

Nikken Cutlery

Don’t miss the opportunity to dress your day with Japanese tradition, rely on Nikken Cutlery!

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