Japan Italy Bridge interviews: Shito Hisayo, AAPPARÉ designer

Japan Italy Bridge interviews: Shito Hisayo, AAPPARÉ designer

Written by: Erika Swan, Yoshi | Translated by: Yoshi

Our special feature series, “Japan Italy Bridge Interviews” is back with an interview with designer Shito Hisayo who will be talking about the concept behind her brand AAPPARÉ!

To start, what is AAPPARÉ?

Answering that, AAPPARÉ is a brand line that was designed and conceived from the notion, “I want to bring the national dress of Japan, Kimono, into global fashion.”
Introduced as “Japan Kimono”, this new fashion can be casually worn as it utilises the elegance and formative beauty embodied in Kimono to pair clothes, which look like Western wear that retained the silhouette of a traditional Kimono’s neckline and sleeves, with sash belts, straw sandals, and boots.
The fabric used is woven in Shizuoka Prefecture’s Hamamatsu City and sewn in Japan, and even the knitwear uses materials produced in Niigata Prefecture’s Mitsuke City, making sure that the garments are truly and genuinely made in Japan.
In addition, “Hyottoko” and “Okame”, the symbols of “a good man and woman of traditional Japan”, are attached on the garments as brand logos.


―― Firstly, please introduce yourself.

I am Shito Hisayo and I am a designer. I own 8 brands where I sell, make, and create head-to-toe outfits of western wear, kimono, and accessories that I design.

―― What led you to start this business?

It was my love for fashion. Especially when it comes to kimono.

―― What do you pay particular attention to in running this business?

That there is “only one” (of each item).

AAPPARÉ Shito Hisayo

―― What does it mean for you as a woman to run the business in Japan?

In the male-dominated kimono industry, I believe that I can bring something new into it because I design with the perspective, ideas, and sensitivities of a woman.

―― How do you think the global market perceives AAPPARÉ?

(I believe that AAPPARÉ) is being seen as an evolution of kimono. It is modern and easy to wear; it is fashion that can be as easily appreciated as western wear.

―― Do you think that growing a global presence is difficult?

I don’t think that it is difficult. I believe that AAPPARÉ matches the modern lifestyle scene as it possesses both the elegant designs of kimono and the functionality of western wear.

Shito Hisayo Shito Hisayo

―― What do you personally think is the thing that attracts Westerners to Japan?

I believe that it is the charm of the Japanese people; their diligence and subtlety.

―― On the other hand, what do you think of Italy?

I feel that the Italian sense is similar to my works. I feel that we share parallels in terms of using slightly deviant designs and colour shades, like smokey gold, silver, and bronze.

―― What are the similarities between Italy and Japan?

The fact that we are both well-attuned to what is stylish and that we enjoy fashion from the bottom of our hearts.

―― How do you see the future of the relationship between Japan and Italy?

I believe that there are wonderful discoveries to be made through the combination of Italy’s superb leather processing technology and Japan’s unique colours and designs.

Shito Hisayo Shito Hisayo

―― Going back to 『AAPPARÉ』, what are your future plans and goals?

I want to open a shop in the airport where people from all around the world converge. I also want to open shops in countries all over the world. At the same time, I think it’ll be interesting if (the brand) could (supply) uniforms for restaurants or casinos.

―― Lastly, please leave a comment for our readers.

As a Japanese person who loves Japan, my hope is that I can elevate Japanese kimono fashion into the global fashion industry.
Filled with those thoughts, “AAPPARÉ” was created.
Thank you for your present and future support.
Shito Hisayo

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To find out more about Shito Hisayo and her brand, do check out the official links below!

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Website: https://shito-hisayo.jp/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shito1027hisayo/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shitohisayo_official/