It’s Kiiro Week time at TENOHA Milano! In fact, the Hinamatsuri (雛祭り), also known as the Doll Festival or Girls’ festival, is celebrated in Japan and also at TENOHA Milano.

Kiiro Week
Usually, this holiday is held on March 3 of each year in Japan and is a very heartfelt anniversary. It consists of exhibiting a series of ornamental dolls representing the emperor, the empress and other representatives of the court of the Heian period. During the Hinamatsuri, family members pray that the girls can have beauty and health by passing bad luck to the dolls so to avoid the bad luck on the girls. In the rest of the world, together with the Doll or Girls festival, women are celebrated on March 8th. TENOHA Milan, a real bridge between Japan and Italy, decides to bring the two parties together and presents Kiiro Week with a typical Hinamatsuri dish: Chirashi-sushi ちらし寿司 in a wooden bento (juubako).

Kiiro Week dishes

The sets that you can taste are composed of Chirashi & Osuimono.
Chirashi sushi is a typical and popular dish. Rice, eggs, prawns, tuna, salmon, tobiko, cucumbers, lotus roots, yellow peppers and snow peas.
Osuimono is a soup with clams, turnip tops and yuzu


When: March 4-9
Where: TENOHA &| TASTE, TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18
Meal: lunch & dinner
Cost: Special lunch set KIIRO: 18€ | Special dinner set KIIRO: 18€


SET: Chirashi & Osuimono
2 special drinks (weekend only)