CARRY THE SUN by Landport

Since we are children we have ever wanted to have some light in the dark with us, to CARRY THE SUN with us. The name says it all, at night, during the day, when we feel insecure, when we are afraid and when we need reassurance. A dream that from Japan becomes a reality and thanks to Landport, on any occasion, we can comfortably have the sun and its light in our pocket or bag.


The models are varied and adapt to any taste and occasion:

  • A) warm light size S and M
  • B) cold light size S and M
  • C) rainbow light 7 colours (size M)

CARRY THE SUN anywhere, in a tent, on vacation, for an emergency or simply as a gift idea.

In fact, this is an absolutely ECO product in all its meanings, because CARRY THE SUN is ECOlogical, ECOnomical and ECOsustainable. A great energy saving: just recharge it with direct sunlight for at least 8 hours and you will have the real sun with you for 74 hours! In addition, its being light, resistant and washable will make it even more pleasant, it will become a presence that you can no longer live without. We can’t go out without a smartphone, also because it could be useful for emergency moments. However, when we need sunlight in the dark of night, what can we do? With this new product, we have it in our pocket or bag, it will become even more indispensable than your mobile phone!


What is more natural than sunlight? That light that pampers us when we are alone when we need help or to see the road ahead of us in emergencies? Or are you looking for a particular and certainly unique gift idea? One of those that will leave people speechless and with the classic expression of amazement in their eyes. Give the light of the sun, CARRY THE SUN from Landport is what you have been waiting for and you can find it in the TENOHA MILANO shop from now on!



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