TENOHA & | TASTE – Hakken menu returns

Holidays are over and with the reopening of TENOHA it is possible to taste the new menu starting today! Following the success of the first Hakken menu session, TENOHA accompanies you on another exciting journey through Japan’s prefectures.

Tenoha Hakken

Hakken Menu

Soumen & Takomeshi with Tempura

19 August – 1 September: Soumen & Takomeshi with Tempura (そうめんとたこ飯のセット 天ぷら添え) – Hyogo Prefecture

Tenoha Hakken

Hyogo Prefecture is located in the midwest of Japan and overlooks the Inland Sea of Seto and the Sea of Japan. The dish chosen for this prefecture is Soumen and Rice with octopus. For those of you who do not know what Soumen is, it is a thin Japanese white flour pasta and is popular as a summer dish. Rice with octopus is famous for being the local dish on the coast of the Seto Inland Sea.

These delicious Japanese noodles are served cold accompanied by dashi broth, rice bowl with boiled chicken and tempura of assorted vegetables.

Kanpachi Teriyaki

2 – 15 September: Kanpachi Teriyaki (カンパチの照り焼き) – Kagoshima Prefecture


The prefecture of Kagoshima is located at the southwestern end of the island of Kyushu. With a similar scenario in Naples, the city of Kagoshima has long been called the “Naples of Japan” and twinning agreements have been signed between the city of Kagoshima and the city of Naples. The signature dish of this prefecture is the amberjack, the most cultivated fish in Japan. From September, you can get grilled amberjack in teriyaki sauce with seasonal vegetables, accompanied by rice and miso soup.

Ready to lick your chops? Stay tuned to discover the next dishes and we are waiting for you at TENOHA in via Vigevano 18, Milan!