Hakken Menù @ TENOHA

Exclusive from May 20th to August 10th, 2019

Are you ready to try an unprecedented culinary experience? TENOHA has decided to surprise you by creating an absolutely unique and new menu that you can’t find anywhere else. A journey of flavours that you certainly won’t forget and that will make you fly directly to Japan. TENOHA & | Taste gives you the opportunity to learn about the delicacies that are only available for a limited period of time, from May to August. Don’t miss this opportunity and taste the new HAKKEN Menu!

We are sharing here below the dishes prepared with love by Denmei. We are sure that these tasty meals will make you dream.

The Journey

20 May – 2 June
(九州 )Kyushu・(宮崎県)Miyazaki Prefecture:
Chicken Nanban チキン南蛮

3 June – 16 June
(四国)Shikoku・(徳島県)Tokushima Prefecture:
鯛茶漬け Taichazuke – Sea bream with rice and hot tea

17 June – 30 June
(中国) Chūgoku・(広島県)Hiroshima Prefecture:
Fried Oyster かきフライ

1 July – 14 July
(中部)Chūbu・(長野県)Nagano Prefecture:
Nagano-soba + Onigiri with Nagano flavor

15 July – 28 July
(中部)Chūbu・(愛知県)Aichi Prefecture:
Hitsumabushi – Eel

29 July – 10 August
(北海道)Hokkaido Prefecture:
ちゃんちゃん焼き Chanchanyaki – Salmon and Miso flavored vegetables

The Menù

20 May – 2 June: CHICKEN NANBAN

宮崎県・チキン南蛮 Chicken Nanban from Miyazaki Prefecture.

Directly from the Kyūshū region, a special karaage fried chicken marinated in sweet and sour sauce and accompanied with tartar sauce. This recipe seems to have its origins in the Iberian peninsula and then it was adapted in Japanese style in the Miyazaki prefecture.

3 June – 16 June: TAI-CHAZUKE

徳島県・ 鯛茶漬け Tai-chazuke (Sea bream with rice in dashi soup) from Tokushima prefecture, located north of Shikoku island, in the southern part of Japan. It’s traditional cuisine is based mainly on the various types of fish and seafood. The famous Taichazuke is served white rice, sea bream, sesame and nori seaweed all accompanied by Japanese dashi sauce. All of this makes the dish delicate and harmonious, a unique flavor that you can hardly forget and find elsewhere.

17 June – 30 June: FRIED OYSTER

広島県 ・かきフライ Fried Oyster by Hiroshima prefecture, located in the south of Japan, facing the inland sea of Seto and the island of Shikoku. The Kaki furai, or fried oysters, is the dish chosen for the journey you’re making in this prefecture, not only for its preparation but also for the high quality of oysters renowned throughout Japan.


長野県・長野そば: Nagano-soba from Nagano prefecture. Here we are in the most central part of Japan, the Chūbu region, from which the Nagano Soba Noodles were chosen for the continuation of our journey. Nagano is a particularly famous area for the production of Soba and for those who don’t know it yet, we are talking about a thin pasta with a dark tone of buckwheat often accompanied by a special cold broth.

15 July – 28 July: HITSUMABUSHI

愛知県・櫃まぶし: Hitsumabushi, the most famous dish of the Aichi prefecture.

The grilled eel, and not cooked as it happens in the rest of Japan, is the protagonist in this unique and crunchy dish that TENOHA gives you the opportunity to taste with white rice and dashi broth.

29 July – 10 August: CHAN-CHAN-YAKI

And here we arrive with our trip to the northernmost prefecture of Japan, Hokkaido. With its 北海道県・ちゃんちゃん焼き  Chan-Chan Yaki, you will have the opportunity to taste a typical dish with a homey flavor. The name of the dish refers to the cooking named “Chacha”, which is an onomatopoeia that describes a quick gesture. It is steamed salmon served with seasonal vegetables, mountain herbs and Miso. (For this last recipe we would love to thank the source http://kyoudo-ryouri.com/it/food/1402.html ).

The journey began on May 20th with the exclusive Chicken Nanba. If you haven’t tried it yet, TENOHA is waiting for you to delight you. However, the chance to taste this amazing this will last only until June 2nd! If you have already tried it, you still have a few days to enjoy it again.

We from Japan Italy Bridge have already begun this incredible journey in the land of the Rising Sun and we will go on inebriated by tastes that we will carry with us forever. Are you ready to come with us?

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