Your Japan is a project born from the minds of Japan Italy Bridge in collaboration with GiraMondo Viaggi Grezzana and Bandai Namco, unique and exclusive trips to Japan. Together with our experts, you will have the opportunity to live a unique experience in city ​​of a thousand colours: Tokyo.

Japan, a land waiting to be discovered

Japan is currently one of the most desired destinations for all Italians (and not just them). Japan Italy Bridge has been working with the Land of the Rising Sun for years and, little by little, we have built this tailor-made project for all enthusiasts and lovers of the Japanese Nation.

Your Japan – come to Japan with us

Your Japan is a project born from the minds of Japan Italy Bridge in collaboration with Giramondo Viaggi Grezzana and Bandai Namco. Together with our experts, you will have the opportunity to live a unique experience in the city of a thousand colours: Tokyo.

One of the largest megacities in the world where modernity coexists with traditional Japan. An almost perfect fusion that allows us to move from the zen atmospheres of the gardens of the Imperial Palace, up to the lively neighborhoods of Shinjuku and Akihabara. And it is precisely in this last area that the horizons open up to all manga and anime lovers. No matter how old you are, here is the right place to find “old” historical video games, or the newest releases on the market. From classic names such as Pac-man to Dragon Ball, passing through famous titles such as Kenshiro, City Hunter, Saint Seiya up to more recent titles such as Tekken.

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Our partners

The GiraMondo Viaggi brand was born in the historic center of Verona in 1979 with a single travel agency. Over the years, the brand grew, becoming a group, with many travel agencies, present on the national and international territory.
There are currently around one hundred agencies, with the GiraMondo brand, each with its own shop and unique location in Italy and abroad.

A leader in the global entertainment industry, BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe publishes and distributes video games and entertainment products in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific. The company philosophy is “More Fun For Everyone”.

The group’s mission is to bring “more fun for all” around the world, with the aim of becoming the leaders of innovation in global entertainment.
From their European headquarters in Lyon they work on titles such as Pac-Man, Soulcalibur, Tekken and Dark Souls… as well as new projects such as Little Nightmares, Twin Mirror and The Dark Pictures.

The tour leaders of “Your Japan”

Our package is designed to give you all the attention necessary for you to experience a unique and unforgettable experience. In fact, our Italian staff will assist you for the entire duration of the trip. Our tour leaders will depart from Malpensa with you and will accompany you for the entire duration of your stay, until your return to Italy.

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In these 8 days, our staff will take you to discover the Japanese capital, with exclusive experiences and trips out of town to also admire the Momiji, the period of the year in which the change of foliage takes place.

Among Ginko trees, temples and skyscrapers, you will have the opportunity to live an unforgettable and above all all-inclusive experience. Our package was created to give travelers the opportunity to not have to think about anything other than enjoying the beauty of this fantastic land. You will therefore not have to worry about flights, hotels or guided tours because everything is included in the price. Furthermore, for those who book by June 30th, they will also have an additional €100 discount per room.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your suitcase and travel with us!