14th Japan International Manga Award

written by: SaiKaiAngel

If you know and love the Manga culture, you cannot miss the MANGA AWARD! Do you know how to draw or simply love manga so much that you spend a good part of the day on this topic? We think you should stop for a moment and read this very important announcement. We find the positive in a moment in which we must necessarily stay at home! Let’s dedicate ourselves to make our Manga works even better and take part in this beautiful initiative!

The application period for the 14th Japan International MANGA Award runs from April 6, 2020 to June 19, 2020. MANGA artists from all over the world, JOIN THE CHALLENGE!

Manga Award Manga Award Manga Award

Here are the simple and easy instructions:

Why is it important?

Because the MANGA is much more than two big eyes full of enthusiasm and fun. It is a real CULTURE and it is also a way to destroy borders and promote international cultural exchanges!

Are there any prizes?

Of course! The Japan International MANGA Award for the best MANGA work, the Silver Award for three excellent works, and the Bronze Award for eleven other works.
The winners of the Gold Award and the Silver Award, therefore not the winners of the Bronze Award, will be able to take advantage of the invitation to Japan for 10 days at the award ceremony!

How can you participate in the International Manga Awards?

MANGAs must consist of more than 16 pages. You can submit Manga works that have already been published or not, obviously, the winning works of the past editions of the Japan International Manga Awards will not be accepted.

Which MANGA works are accepted?

MANGA works must have been produced in the past three years (2017-2020).

In what form are MANGA works accepted?

MANGA works must be presented in printed form.

Can publishers participate in the Manga Awards?

Overseas publishers can participate in the Japan International MANGA Award, after confirmation by MANGA artists to present their work. The artist or screenwriter of the work presented must be foreign citizens. The representative who will participate in the invitation for the winners of the Gold and Silver awards must also be foreign citizens.

How many works can be presented?

Each participant must submit only one work. In the case of a story collection, only one will be accepted. Duplicates are invalid.

How does the Manga Award nomination work?

Applying is simple! You must send your registration from April 6 to June 19 2020 to:

1) Japanese embassies or consulates

or to:

2) P.O.Box MBE193 The 14th Executive Committee of the MANGA International Award of Japan Shinjuku Oak Tower 2F, 6-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 163-6002

Two copies of the work must be sent, despite this, additional copies may be required in the case of a prize.

Attached to the MANGA work, there must be a completed registration form in English or Japanese. The numbers must be indicated on each page of the MANGA work. If the MANGA work does not take the form of a book, it must be specified.

Will MANGA works be returned?

No, the submitted MANGA works will not be returned to the candidates. Therefore, if the work has not yet been published, it is advisable to send a copy of the work and keep the original. Keep in mind that the works presented could be donated or exhibited.

The Executive Committee of the MANGA Prize may (partially) upload the winner’s MANGA works to its website with the prior approval of the artists.

Who is in charge of the selection?

The 14th MANGA International Japan Award Selection Committee will be responsible for the selection procedures.

Remember that the award ceremony will be held in Tokyo in February 2021.

You can have the opportunity not only to win prizes, not only to make your MANGA work known all over the world but also to be invited to Japan! What are you waiting for? You still have time to register and participate. We are curious to see your MANGA works, hurry up!! Make this moment even more fun and productive.

Further information: manga-award.mofa.go.jp

The 14th Japan International MANGA Award Guidelines for Application
The 14th Japan International MANGA Award Entry Form