Merippa, the comfort of home directly from Japan

Feel good at home, feel truly at home with Merippa, available at TENOHA &| SHOP in TENOHA Milano. Comfort has never been so beautiful!

Merippa Merippa

Soft and comfortable, these slippers fit perfectly on your feet . After a stressful day, How much would you like to be able to go home and wear comfortable shoes, especially if you have a job that requires high heels? Or, how much would you like to make a beloved and special gift? Merippa will give you the comfort, warmth and innovation you are looking for thanks to the new slippers that can also be used as comfortable socks. They resemble slippers, but they are as light as socks, thanks to the Japanese fabric with which they are created. A great combination of elegant design and functionality. There are many people who like to wear socks at home, others who want slippers, Merippa satisfies both! Reversible, soft, light, resistant slippers that you can machine wash and carry in your suitcase, precisely because of their ability to be folded up like socks. No more space occupied unnecessarily with Merippa, it takes very little to carry them around everywhere and despite this, the textile quality is very high and with a large variety of colour choices. Have you seen them? Have you seen how many colours are available? Comfort, as we said, has never been so beautiful!

Merippa Merippa

In Japan, there are various Merippa pop-up shops. We are talking about a very famous brand in Japan that is now becoming almost viral here in Italy! Merippa is everywhere and you can find it at TENOHA &| SHOP in Milan, with its winter and spring collections.

Merippa is what you are looking for to be cool even in the comfort of your home. The focus of this brand is precisely to be able to give beauty and elegance even in moments of relaxation. If you have friends at home, you will see how much your Merippa slippers will be envied! Surely they will also ask you where you got them, well … the answer is simple: a TENOHA &| SHOP!

Be unique and particular even within the walls of your home, let Merippa tempt you, the beauty, absolute comfort and practicality of Japan finally here in Italy!