Takeda Design Project, design in your daily life

The Takeda Design Project of the Takeda company is a total innovation in the world of metals and how they can be used in everyday life, directly from the prefecture of Niigata.
The designers who are engaged in this project want to use the quality of metals by transforming them into objects with refined shapes.

Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

Technology, progress, convenience, and speed in use, these are the goals that Takeda Design Project wants to pursue. Thanks to the knowledge of the various designers and their experience in metalworking, the final product has a definitely innovative and absolutely unique appeal. We are often looking for something that can be comfortable and beautiful to see and show, right? The answer to all of this is Takeda Design Project!

Even the machines with which these products are born are the latest in the field, faster with a saving in manpower and efficiency increase. Welding and cutting machines, the best in production that are born from what customers want thanks to careful market research.

Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

Takeda Design Project products

Let’s take a look at these products and you will realize their uniqueness.

PRIMARIO/ Loupe series

The aluminum lens illuminates the object thanks to the natural light that comes from the three large arches and has the perfect design for reading.
This idea of PRIMARIO is to reduce the materials to the absolute limit and despite this, they know how to satisfy the set goals. The feeling is of robustness, brilliance, elegance, and practicality.

Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

However, this is not just a beautiful design object to look at, but it’s also the winner of the German Design Award as excellent product design stationery.


Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

A special and original calendar. Have you ever thought of giving one as a gift? Now you can finally find it! Because the designer Yukimasa Hirota has designed this product based on the themes of “disposable” and “attachment”. Many times the calendar becomes part of the furniture and therefore I am very sorry to throw it away at the end of the year. For this, the TOPTION/CALEN-BAR is reusable, so it can remain part of our affections forever!

ALIGN LINE: card stand & pen tray

Straight lines in the design to outline a vital state. Can you be organized with elegance and beauty? Of course, these are the feelings and emotions contained in the design.


Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

It is an aluminum meter created to be kept easily (and elegantly) between your fingers. The three holes on the edge and its beauty make it possible to have multiple uses. You can choose whether to use it as a coil, keyring, object holder or even pendant.
A thousandth of a second. A single moment. Something that will attract you precisely in this space of time. This is the idea with which this product was born and you will realize it even more by seeing it live, touching it, experiencing it.

Takeda Design Project, a super awarded group

The products that are proposed by Takeda Design Project, have already had many positive feedbacks, as well as winning very important awards! Do you want to know them all?

MiLLi SECOND Metal Major

  • “Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award” in the Tsubame Industrial Design Contest 2015 (Japan)
  • Stationery Prize 2015 Design group Grand Prix (Japan)
  • Winner of the iF Design Award 2016 (Germany)
  • Nomination for the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2017 (Germany)

PRIMARIO/ Loupe series

  • Winner of the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD (Germany) excellent product design stationery

Takeda Design Project, the Design that was missing. You can find Takeda Design Project creations at TENOHA & | SHOP in via Vigevano 18, Milano.