Business Focus: The weird world of Japanese web design

Have you ever wondered why Japanese web design is so different from that in the West?

The weird world of Japanese web design

Author: Erika 

Japan Italy Bridge offers services for companies and part of our job is to create websites. "What's new" you might say, yes because there are so many agencies like us, but what makes us different from the others? Well, we have the ability to adapt the Japanese style and visual to Western-style and vice versa.

It is very, very important for every company to have a website that represents their brand. However, it often happens that the style and design we use in Italy is not really suitable for the Japanese language and people.

web design giapponese

In fact, if we analyze even just visually the Japanese sites, the differences immediately jump out at us.

As we know, in most of the Western world, websites have a simple layout. In fact, compared to the early 2000s, we have replaced the myriad of links with relevant and concise content that quickly leads us to our goal.

However, there is also a different culture in Japan in terms of visual taste. In fact, some websites have changed very little since the early 2000s. In this respect, we can really see how different sites are overloaded with links and information. This is totally inconceivable for a Western eye, while it becomes the norm for a Japanese one.

Yahoo was one of the most popular search engines in Japan and still is for many homepages. However, as you can see from the photos, its design and layout have changed very little in the last 10 years.

web design giapponese web design giapponese

Another example is the homepage of Rakuten, the nation's largest online shopping centre.
Rakuten is the Amazon of Asia and every shopkeeper can customize their own page. This results in a large display of various images, banners and pop-ups on different pages that sometimes take a long time to scroll through.

Why is Japanese Web Design like this?

But here's the real question, why does web design in Japan have to follow these certain canons of style? The answer is simple. The majority of the Japanese people are older users who prefer to maintain the tradition. This also happens in the visual style of how websites are built and experienced.
This makes it complicated for companies to change to a style that we might call more international.

Moreover, most Japanese users use the internet via desktop and not mobile support. So even the biggest websites tend to keep the current design, also not to confuse the end-user.

Another reason why Japanese people prefer this style that we would call "old" is also because of their information culture. In fact, if you have ever been to Japan or seen some pictures of the country, you will have noticed that signs are omnipresent. The Japanese are bombarded with bright neon lights and signs that tell of shops, special offers, and occasions not to be missed. This also transpires on websites where the Japanese people prefer to have all the information immediately.

The LINE Case

When the LINE messaging app (the Japanese equivalent of Whatsapp) decided to change and simplify the layout of their homepage, the Japanese people did not take it very well. In fact, at that time, users went wild with one-star reviews and numerous requests to the company to change to the old design.

Change on the horizon

However, despite the preference for a more traditional approach, some young people in their 20s and 30s have stated that they prefer a more minimalist design.

web design giapponese

The Mercari case is in fact an example of this. We are in fact talking about a site that offers online auction services with a simple and user-friendly interface. In a short time, Mercari has taken over Yahoo Auctions, the most popular app in Japan for these services.

The history of this brand has shed light on the importance of a good UX layout, encouraging the Japanese to hire new designers on the verge of change.
Japanese companies will have to start adapting to a more modern design not only to be more attractive to a younger audience but also to become more competitive internationally.

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Ladies Drawing Night workshop @ TENOHA Milano

We are always at TENOHA Milano, what is Ladies drawing night and where does this idea come from?

Ladies Drawing Night workshop @ TENOHA Milano with Claudia e Martina

Author: SaiKaiAngel

ladies drawing night

The concept begins with the creation of an all-female network of women passionate about graphics and illustration in Milan and continues to share creativity, experimentation without the fear of receiving criticism. Without fear of making mistakes, you can tackle a different theme each time with different techniques and a special guest who will guide the creative workshop. Another great experience not to be missed that will surely make you have fun and reflect on how important it is to express yourself without the fear of a negative judgment. Do not miss this opportunity, we are waiting for you, you will come out enriched!

ladies drawing night ladies drawing night


Chapter 1

When: 22 October from 19:00 to 21:30
Where: TENOHA &| WORK - TENOHA MILANO - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: free creative workshop + for those who wish to have an aperitif at 12 €
Places: 10 people

Chapter 2

When: 19 November from 19:00 to 21:30
Where: TENOHA &| WORK - TENOHA MILANO - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: free creative workshop + for those who want an aperitif for 12 €
Places: 10 people

Chapter 3 - LDN Party

When: 10 December from 19:00 to 21:30
Where: TENOHA &| TASTE - TENOHA MILANO - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: aperitif 12 €

No creative workshop, only closing aperitif

TENOHA & | DISCOVER: Designer Tenjikai 展示会 by Lorenzo Petrantoni

This time, TENOHA Milano proposes a very special exhibition, we are talking about the works of Lorenzo Petrantoni.

Designer Tenjikai 展示会 by Lorenzo Petrantoni @ TENOHA Milano

Author: SaiKaiAngel

Lorenzo Petrantoni Lorenzo Petrantoni

In this exhibition, Lorenzo Petrantoni, with his sophisticated technique of collage of images and words taken from 19th century books, gives life to new illustrations to celebrate the great names of Italian and Japanese design. Once again TENOHA Milano gives us the opportunity to experience Japan here in Italy.

Thanks to Lorenzo Petrantoni, we are able to experience works of great impact, such as covers of international magazines, advertising for prestigious brands, monumental installations, illustrations photocopied from books cut out and glued to compose the final collage. All his works are able to give new life and new meanings to images now forgotten in ancient volumes.

Exclusively you will have the chance to buy online one of the 50 selected works that will be sent directly to your home, you can do it by clicking this link::

Lorenzo Petrantoni Lorenzo Petrantoni

Lorenzo Petrantoni now lives in Milan and is a member of the 59ème Demi Brigade de Ligne de Marengo. He was born in Genoa in 1970 and after studying graphic design in Milan, he worked as art director at Young & Rubicam in Paris.
 When the artist returned to Italy, he continued to collaborate with some of the largest communication agencies, and then dedicated himself completely to illustration. His illustrations are the result of a combination of nineteenth-century graphics and art, with images from old manuals and dictionaries from the nineteenth century that he collected during his travels. His illustrations, with their being unmistakable, give new life to words, events and characters of other times.
 Lorenzo Petrantoni, with his art, has created campaigns for prestigious brands, collaborated with international magazines and exhibited in numerous exhibitions around the world. Now is the moment of TENOHA Milan and you can experience this great artist and his very special art for a limited period of time. What are you waiting for? Don't miss this opportunity!


When: from October 7 till the end of December, from 11:00 to 19:00.
Where: TENOHA & | DISCOVER - TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: free

TENOHA & | WORKSHOP: SHIBORI with Aki Takeshita

Another special workshop at TENOHA Milano, another piece of Japan available for us: the SHIBORI with Aki Takeshita! A small recap to remind you what SHIBORI is: thanks to this Japanese technique, we can create a work with our hands giving space to our imagination and why not? Show it off and live it!

Shibori workshop with Aki Takeshita @ TENOHA Milano

Author: SaiKaiAngel

shibori tenoha shibori tenoha

SHIBORI is an ancient Japanese technique that thanks to the binding and folding of the fabric with threads, elastics and pieces of wood, allows us to give life to real works of art, absolutely personal. Aki Takeshita will take us to the total discovery of SHIBORI to give space to our imagination and create new and personal ones.

Who is Aki Takeshita?

shibori tenoha shibori tenoha

He is an artist born in Kyoto in 1983 who graduated in Textile Design at Tama Art University in Tokyo and then specialized in Shibori thanks to many specialization courses. Since 2014 he is a freelancer between Tokyo and Milan, where he lives. Aki Takeshita now organizes dyeing course with this technique also in Milan.

shibori tenoha

Do you want to live another unique experience and feel like you are in Japan without taking the plane? Come and get to discover this technique! We are sure you will love it!


When: October 10th
#1 turn 10:00 - 13:00
#2 turn 15:00 -18:00 (only if there are other requests)

Where: TENOHA & | WORK ℅ TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: 60 €
Seats: 10 max

Business Focus: Influencer Marketing in Japan, 5 things to know

We have all heard of Influencer Marketing but what are the differences in Japan?

Japan Italy Bridge offers services to companies in the field of Digital Marketing and events. Many Italian companies that have requested our promotion services towards the Japanese market, asked us what are the differences between the two countries regarding Influencer Marketing.

Influencer Marketing in Japan: 5 things to know

Author: Erika 

For those who do not know what Influencer Marketing is, we are talking about a branch of marketing that benefits from the use of bloggers and influencers with a specific target audience.

Nowadays, this strategy is one of the most effective methods in most markets, this also applies to the Japanese one. In fact, Influencer Marketing in Japan plays a big role but the rules are different than in Western countries.

Today we share with you 5 differences to help you understand better.

Influencer marketing in giappone

The language barrier

One of the aspects of Japanese social media and therefore also of Influencer Marketing is that everything must be done in their language. Unfortunately, Japan is ranked 49th among the 88 countries and regions in the ranking of English language study and knowledge. A lack of expertise when you think about how much Japanese use social media to get informed and communicate.

Because of this, classic global influencers such as Chiara Ferragni, Cameron Dallas and others are not as influential as they are in other countries accustomed to the English language. In fact, sometimes they are almost unknown even compared to local influencers with fewer followers.

This leads to a big dilemma for companies: to use local influencers or completely ignore the Japanese market? True, the Japanese market is now not as profitable as the Chinese one. However, Japan is ranked 3rd in the GDP world ranking and this is too important to completely ignore this country and its audience.

As said before, it is true, Japanese Influencers have fewer followers than global ones. However, precisely because they speak in a language closely related to the culture of the Rising Sun, this leads them to not have many followers in the rest of the world.
What we can understand from this data, however, is that in this case engagement becomes extremely important. In fact, Japanese influencers are extremely connected to their audience and the interactions far exceed those of the westerners one.

Japanese hashtags require a cultural background

When a company opens to the Japanese market, it must understand the uniqueness of this country and its culture. It is therefore important to work with correct hashtags and use them properly. This will lead us to find the target community that we can approach and get a return on our investment.

Influencers and micro-influencers can be found using hashtags. However, finding the correct Japanese hashtag is not so easy for those who do not speak the language and do not know the culture. Moreover, very often the most common hashtags are neologisms.

For example #インク沼 is a direct translation of "Bottomless Swamp of Ink". Apparently, this doesn't make any sense, except that "Bottomless swamp of something" is an internet slang used a lot by Japanese people to describe when someone is really passionate about something. However, if we take away the cultural background, this hashtag completely loses its meaning.

Influencer marketing in giappone Influencer marketing in giappone

photo credits: @v_sarasara, @tommy_notes_16 , @mizuki___iz

In addition, Japanese hashtags can often be very complicated for a Western eye to understand. This happens because of the three ways of writing the language, namely the mix of Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.

So when we use Japanese hashtags, we have to be careful how they are written because the combination of the three ways can bring different meaning. In the language of internet, a hashtag written in a different way also brings different results on an audience level. In fact, this can affect the number of people we might reach.

Influencers in Japan are distributed on different platforms

Even in the West, it is rare that an influencer has the same strength on all the most popular social platforms. Many are popular only on Instagram, others only on Tik Tok or Twitter. This has even more effect in Japan with the presence of some specific platforms for Japanese culture. For example, we have NewsPicks that interfaces with a purely corporate audience. While note is a social dedicated entirely to the content creators such as stories, tutorials, news blogs and especially manga.

influencer giapponesi Influencer marketing in giappone

The top Influencers and agencies

As it also happens in the West, many Japanese influencers are followed by some agencies when they start to become popular. At the moment, unfortunately, there are few influencers who work freelance. So, if you want to work with an influencer who belongs to an agency, you have to go through the agency itself.

All this has its pros and cons.


  • Access to major influencers
  • You save time in finding the right influencer since agencies like ours cover this part of the work for you.
  • The agency negotiates contracts and fees

In this case, the work of the agency therefore becomes a benefit for the company that finds itself having a job tailored to its interests.


  • Higher costs
  • Minor flexibility
  • Direct contacts of influencers remain private

Unfortunately, when using an agency you have to comply with the rules of the agency and these vary from agency to agency.

Influencer Giapponesi Influencer marketing in giappone

photo credits: @watanabenaomi703 , @rolaofficial

Undisclosed paid posts

Japanese people are very strict when it comes to honesty and transparency. This severity is also applied in Influencer Marketing in Japan. In fact, when paid posts from influencers not reported as such, they tend to be ignored by the public and give a bad impression.

However, there are no direct laws governing the transparency of an Influencer-sponsored post in Japan. In addition, not all influencers are aware of the right way to communicate a partnership.

For a company, it is therefore very important to educate the chosen influencers and not to work randomly to get impressions.

In the West, we now have clear guidelines on the use of sponsorship through Influencer Marketing and these should also be used for collaborations with Japanese Influencers.

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TENOHA &|TASTE: Tsukimi Aperitivo e SUNTORY Whisky tasting

TENOHA Milano offers us two more exciting and tasty appointments with the TSUKIMI APERITIVO and the SUNTORY WHISKY TASTING! Two unmissable appointments to feel in Japan! Let's see what it is about.


Author: SaiKaiAngel

TENOHA Tsukimi

What is O-Tsukimi? Literally means "to admire the full moon", but it is the feast of the full moon in autumn and is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the traditional Japanese lunar calendar. It seems that the full moon of the eighth month was the most beautiful of the year, that's why nobles gathered to celebrate and admire the beauty of the full moon, composing music and tanka poetry verses. Today, the Tsukimi is celebrated by offering the moon the famous tsukimi-dango 月見団子, rice cakes whose shape reminds of the full moon and eating "special" dishes, such as tsukimi soba or udon.

At 7 p.m. there will be a unique and unmissable show: Making of MOCHITSUKI (餅つき) , have you ever heard of it? The mochitsuki is the ceremony with which the mochi is prepared. How does it work? The rice, previously soaked and then cooked, is pounded in the traditional large mortar called usu (臼) with a wooden hammer called kine (杵). Usually two people carry out this procedure: the first one beats rhythmically with the kine while the second one turns and moistens the mochi; a great coordination is necessary to carry out this manoeuvre without hindering each other (and without getting hurt). The dough thus obtained is cut and shaped into small spheres. In recent times the mochitsuki ceremony is usually reserved for special events, including the TSUKIMI, known as the Moon Festival, typically represented by the figure of a rabbit stepping on rice in a mortar to prepare the mochi.

TENOHA Milano makes us celebrate autumn just like in Japan!! A special weekend dedicated to the typical flavors of this festival and its curiosities. An appointment not to be missed!

Wen: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 October
where: TENOHA & | TASTE — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: Aperitivo 12€ (1 drink + aperitivo box)


Let's go back to Japan again in our special corner of the Rising Sun, TENOHA Milano, with a special aperitif or an equally unique tasting menu/food pairing with Premium Japanese Whisky from the house SUNTORY (chita, hibiki and toki): no matter how experienced you have ever had, you will surely be amazed by the new tastes that Japan offers you! We are waiting for you for this new special experience!

Quando: from 6 to 14 October 2 Aperitivo options
-15€ 3 Whisky Highball with aperitivo plate (Whiskies are Chita, Hibiki, Toki)
-12€ Special drink with Roku gin and aperitivo plate

from 8 to 11 October: 
Special Tasting Menu/ Food pairing with Premium Japanese Whisky of the house SUNTORY (chita, hibiki and toki) BOOKING Required

Where: TENOHA & | TASTE — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano

For more information:

photo credit: Anna D'averio

TENOHA Milano presenta: Bulk Homme + Beauty Routine

TENOHA Milano ricorda l’importanza della Beauty Routine anche agli uomini con BULK HOMME! Prima di tutto facciamo un piccolo reminder sul “cos’è” la Japanese Beauty Routine.

TENOHA Milano e la Japanese Beauty routine

Autore: SaiKaiAngel

Con il capitolo 2, TENOHA Milano ci mostra che la Japanese Beauty Routine è una vera e propria dichiarazione per il nostro corpo, un modo per ricordargli ogni giorno che dobbiamo prenderci cura di lui. La prima dichiarazione d’amore infatti va fatta a noi stessi e al nostro benessere. Anche voi, uomini! Nello spazio TENOHA &| SHOP di TENOHA Milano potete farlo! Facciamo una panoramica su che cos’è questo nuovo capitolo della Japanese Beauty Routine e parliamo di BULK HOMME!

TENOHA beauty

BULK HOMME è stato lanciato in Giappone nel 2013, da quel momento la sua ascesa è stata velocissima soprattutto nel mercato D2C diretto al consumatore. Ora, BULK HOMME comprende 18 articoli con distribuzione in tutta l’Asia orientale.
Una particolare attenzione è concessa anche al design, che non solo è molto elegante, ma anche ecocompatibile, particolarità importantissima soprattutto al giorno d’oggi.

TENOHA beauty bulk homme

Ci sono pochi prodotti nella vita per i quali possiamo dire: "Ne ho assolutamente bisogno", con innumerevoli marchi che si contendono la nostra attenzione. Ma vi siete mai chiesti quali qualità sono essenziali per voi? BULK HOMME è un'esperienza unica e rinfrescante che non vedrete l'ora di vivere ogni giorno. Vedrete che ogni giorno la skincare con BULK HOMME diventerà un appuntamento essenziale di cui non potrete mai più fare a meno. Non solo vi aiuterà a fare quella famosa “dichiarazione d’amore” al vostro corpo di cui parlavamo prima, ma sarà anche un momento di distensione non solo della pelle, ma anche di tutto il corpo. Semplice ma emozionante, l'essenziale di tutti i giorni che affascina i sensi. Le soluzioni per la cura della pelle sono efficaci, presentate con stile ed eleganza, e sono un piacere da provare. Regalatevi un momento di piacere solo per voi stessi con BULK HOMME, il marchio per la cura della pelle maschile.

TENOHA beauty TENOHA beauty

BULK HOMME ricorda agli uomini quanto importante sia una buona skincare con tre fasi: il lavaggio del viso, l’uso del toner e della lozione.
Quello che rende i prodotti di BULK HOMME unici, non è solamente in design particolare e la qualità del prodotto in sè, ma anche la loro texture. Solitamente siamo abituati a prodotti con una texture pesante, grassa che alla fine risulta essere non adatta alla nostra pelle, la sentiamo molto soffocante sul nostro viso. Invece la texture dei prodotti BULK HOMME è leggera anche grazie agli ingredienti naturali di qualità tra cui salice, proteine della seta, acqua idratante Onsen ricca di minerali, estratti di Yuzu, mela verde e tè verde.

Bulk Homme

Se sei un uomo non puoi perdere questa occasione di provare i prodotto BULK HOMME che direttamente dal Giappone puoi trovare in TENOHA &| SHOP di TENOHA Milano! Fortunatamente ora c’è questo angolo di Giappone che ci permette di avere i prodotti migliori ad un passo da noi! Nel caso tu non fossi un uomo, ma tu stia cercando un regalo particolare e di qualità da fare ad un uomo, sarai sicura di fare una splendida figura con i prodotti BULK HOMME! E’ sicuramente di cui gli uomini presto non potranno più fare a meno!

Volete provare questi meravigliosi prodotti gratuitamente? Volete vederli e toccarli dal vivo? BULK HOMME promuove i suoi nuovi prodotti attraverso un product testing in TENOHA &| SHOP aperto a tutti i clienti!
Non mancate, vi aspettiamo!

Quando: 26 e 27 settembre | Mattino > 11:00 - 13:00 | Pomeriggio > 15:00 - 19:00
Dove: TENOHA & | SHOP c/o TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano

CAPITOLO #3 - SHIBUI | Trattamento viso con prodotti giapponesi con la founder di Shibui Italia, Raffaella Grisa

“Tratto l’esterno e curo l’interno” è il motto su cui si basa la cura personale secondo Raffaella Grisa: è importante curare il proprio essere interno per far apparire la bellezza esteriore. Si cominci con il relax più totale con l’assaggio di un infuso creato con la foglia di gettou (elemento essenziale della linea di prodotti di cosmesi di Ruhaku) che ci aiuterà a purificare l’interno.

Il vero e proprio workshop comincerà con la specialist di Jbeauty Lorena con un momento meditativo grazie a HITO, una speciale fragranza che cura l’anima e riequilibra i chakra. Solo dopo aver purificato l’anima, si passerà alla cura della bellezza esteriore.

Avete voglia di dedicare un momento di puro benessere, interno ed esterno, allontanandovi da tutto ciò che appesantisce la vostra persona? Questo workshop vi permetterà di farlo! Non perdete questa occasione e concedetevi una giornata solo per voi!

Ovviamente i prodotti sono anche disponibili in TENOHA &|SHOP.

Quando: 7 novembre
# 1 turno 10:30 – 12:00
# 2 turno 14:00 – 15:30
# 3 turno 16:00 – 17:30 (solo se ci fossero altre richieste)

Dove: TENOHA & | WORK c/o TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Costo: 40€
Posti: 10 a turno

CAPITOLO #4 - DOTERRA | Trattamento con oli essenziali - con Marcella Mosci

Ogni giorno siamo sottoposti a stress e freneticità, causa lavoro e problemi personali. Non pensate che sia il momento di fermarsi un attimo per cercare un po’ di pace ed equilibrio? . Con gli oli essenziali possiamo farlo facilmente e velocemente! In questo workshop creeremo per voi una bio beauty routine a seconda della vostra pelle con creme e oli essenziali. L’esperienza olfattiva guidata dagli oli essenziali, ci insegnerà il loro riconoscimento e la scelta del prodotto più adatto alla nostra pelle.

Ma cos’è esattamente DoTerra? Fondata nel 2008, DoTerra (da un’espressione di origine latina che significa “dono della terra”) è nata con la missione di diffondere i benefici degli oli essenziali con la certificazione CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade®), che si contraddistinguono per gli standard di qualità, purezza e sicurezza più elevata di tutto il settore. Insieme a professionisti della medicina tradizionale e alternativa, incoraggia studi e applicazioni degli oli essenziali di grado terapeutico nelle pratiche sanitarie moderne. DoTerra ha anche sviluppato l’iniziativa Co-Impact Sourcing, attraverso la fondazione Healing Hands, che permette uno sfruttamento sostenibile delle risorse per la produzione di oli, il sostegno delle comunità locali e lo sviluppo di progetti di responsabilità sociale.

Quando: 21 novembre
#1 turno 10:30 – 12:00
#2 turno 14:00 – 15:30

Dove: TENOHA & | WORK c/o TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Costo: 40€
Posti: 10 a turno

Cosa state aspettando? Il momento da dedicare a voi stessi è arrivato! Vi aspettiamo!


Another appointment not to be missed at TENOHA Milano, which returns to propose the Kintsugi workshop, after the great success of the previous edition!

Kintsugi workshop with Mariangela Zabatino and Raffaella Nobili

Author: SaiKaiAngel


Another appointment not to be missed at TENOHA Milano, which returns to propose the Kintsugi workshop, after the great success of the previous edition! Mariangela Zabatino from Anima Mundi, with the collaboration of Raffaella Nobili from Japanese Paraventi, will bring you to the calm and the right concentration that only the Kintsugi technique can give.

To refresh your mind, here is what this technique is about: The kintsugi (金継ぎ), or kintsukuroi (金繕い), literally "repair with gold", is a Japanese practice that consists in using gold, liquid silver or lacquer with gold powder for the repair of ceramic objects. The technique allows to obtain precious objects especially from an artistic point of view. The idea is to demonstrate that from imperfection and a wound can arise an even greater form of aesthetic and inner perfection. From every fragment, from every wound something important is born, from every imperfection can arise a new perfection and a new way of living. We must always learn from mistakes and fractures, so that they can never happen again. The art of kintsugi is often used as a symbol and metaphor of resilience.

Kintsugi is an essential experience for body and mind. Do not miss this opportunity and come to understand the true meaning of "rebirth", obviously always here at TENOHA Milano, the real corner of Japan in Italy! 

Click the following link to book your seat!


When: October 4, 2020
10:30 -10:50 start of the course and introductory notes on Kintsugi through slide projection
10:50 -12:30 am -12:30 pm course with the repair of two ceramics

TENOHA MILANO - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan

Cost: 75€ per pax

Pax: Minimum No. 7, Maximum No. 13

Click here for more info: