TENOHA & | TASTE – the new KOTO • KOTO aperitivo

Winter and cold have arrived together with the new KOTO • KOTO aperitif at TENOHA Milano. Not only can we warm ourselves, but also have fun with a new aperitif formula! Have you ever heard about it?


KOTO • KOTO in Japanese means Hot – Hot. It is inspired by Oden (おでん), which is a typical winter dish from the Japanese tradition. But, exactly, what is an Oden? It is a dish composed of the most varied ingredients boiled for a long time in a broth based on dashi and soy sauce. The most common ingredients are daikon, konnyaku, eggs, various types of tofu (Ganmodoki, Atsuage, Aburaage), octopus and Chikuwa (fish cake).

All these ingredients absorb the broth and make it hot. So we warmed up. But what can you play at? Indeed, what do we play at? TENOHA has also thought of this! First, I mentioned that we can also have fun! Try your luck, you can have the perfect combination of ingredients and enjoy the aperitif! We are waiting for you here and good luck!

Aperitivo KOTO • KOTO Information

When: from November 13th (every Wednesday) 6.00pm – 8.30pm
Where: & | TASTE TENOHA MILANO – Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan
Cost: € 12
Formula: Oden set + buffet + Drink

Additional information: https://www.tenoha.it/