TENOHA & | TASTE – Hakken Menu the return, episode 7

Our journey to Japan continues! TENOHA Milano offers us a new wonder with the Hakken Menu!

#7 Saikyo Yaki & Obanzai

11 Nov ~ 24 Nov Saikyo Yaki & Obanzai – Kyoto Prefecture 関西 Kansai


Have you ever been to Kyoto? If you have been there, you certainly know what we are talking about, otherwise, it is fair to know more. Kyoto is not only an essential stop on the journey to Japan but also one of the most traditional cities we know, located in the Kansai region. Precisely from this prefecture, TENOHA Milano has decided to let you taste a delight called Saikyo Yaki & Obanzai.
We are talking about a typical dish of the already traditional Kyoto, marinated and grilled fish with miso sauce. Obanzai is a traditional style of Kyoto cuisine and dishes can also be tasted as side dishes.

Are you ready to try this new course that will catapult you immediately into the center of Japanese tradition? Let’s go to Kyoto all together thanks to TENOHA Milano!

And don’t forget the Hakken Card at home! You can’t do without the special gift … Is it just a little and we’ll find out? What will be the special gift that TENOHA MILANO has reserved for those who have collected all the stamps on the HAKKEN menu?


More info: https://www.tenoha.it/taste/hakken-continue-2/
Cost: 16,00 €

Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano