TENOHA & | TASTE – Tsukimi, celebration of the full moon

What does O-Tsukimi (お月見) mean? Something magical: “to admire the full moon”. TENOHA Milano celebrates the arrival of autumn in a special way, with a weekend dedicated to the typical flavors of this festival.


Saturday 12 October TENOHA proposes as always a very welcome surprise: it will be possible to participate in a workshop curated by Annalise Calas of Telier Lili. Participants will be able to create the traditional and very personal Chōchin 提灯 lanterns, a symbol of celebration.

The O-TSUKIMI is the feast of the full moon of autumn and is celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Japanese lunar calendar.
During the full moon of the eighth month, the most beautiful of the year, the nobles gathered to celebrate and admire the beauty of the full moon, composing music and verses of tanka poetry.

Today the traditions have changed, but not that much. This festival is celebrated by offering the moon the famous tsukimi-dango (月見団子), rice cakes whose shape resembles that of a full moon. For this occasion, “dedicated” dishes are also consumed, such as the Tsukimi soba or udon.

The full moon celebrations cannot go unnoticed and if you are in Japan it is a romantic occasion not to be missed. And what if you are here in Italy? Well, as always TENOHA will let you live the Japanese atmosphere! Are you ready this time to experience the magic of the Rising Sun?

We are here, we are waiting for you at TENOHA!

When and where

When: 11, 12, 13 October 2019
Workshop: saturday 12 October 2019, Workshop Chōchin 提灯 | BOOK NOW


Tsukimi Aperitivo

When: 11, 12, 13 October 2019 – from 18.00 to 21:00
Cost: 12€
Specials: Show cooking NORI MAKI, Special Tsukimi Buffet, Special Asahi & Tsukimi Drink
Where: TENOHA MILANO, Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Powered by: Asahi Super Dry

Info & booking

(+39) 02 8088 9868

For more information: www.tenoha.it