TENOHA & | TASTE – Hakken Menu the return, episode 5 & 6

Here we are again to explore new horizons of our trip to Japan! TENOHA Milano offers us new surprises with the 5th and 6th steps of the Hakken Menu!

#5 Toriten & Udon

14 Oct ~ 27 Oct Toriten + Udon – Oita Prefecture

tenoha hakken

Oita is located in the Kyushu region. One of the most famous dishes is the Toriten with the Udon and TENOHA offers you just that as the new HAKKEN menu!

Chicken tempura accompanied by Udon in broth with vegetables and egg.

#6 28 Oct ~ 10 Nov Sukiyaki Don

October 28 ~ November 10: Sukiyaki Don – Kanagawa Prefecture

tenoha hakken

Kanagawa Prefecture is located in the Kanto region. From 1868 foreigners began to meet Japan from Port Yokohama and the culture of eating beef spread.
This is why TENOHA Milan has chosen Sukiyaki and is one of the most famous Japanese dishes in the world!

SUKIYAKI DON: Bowl of rice with Sukiyaki (beef, mixed vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, tofu in Sukiyaki sauce) poached eggs and kobachi.


The new traditional Japanese dishes and another step in the journey through the prefectures of Japan are waiting for you! We are all at TENOHA in via Vigevano 18, Milan!
And don’t forget the stamp collection! If you arrive at 6 Hakken you can have a special gift… Who will discover the TENOHA Milan gift? We are all in the game!


Further information: https://www.tenoha.it/taste/hakken-continue-2/
Cost: 16,00 €

Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano