Van Gogh and Japan

Japan has always had an important artistic history and many Western artists have taken inspiration from the culture of the Rising Sun, not least Van Gogh.

As evidence of this, today we are talking about “Van Gogh and Japan” an exclusive documentary film that will be in theaters on 16th, 17th and 18th September.

Van Gogh e il Giappone

The plot

Thanks to the artist’s letters and the testimonies of his contemporaries, this documentary reveals the fascinating story of the intense and visceral connection between Van Gogh and Japanese art. In fact, although Van Gogh had never visited this country, he was extremely influenced in his works by the art of the Rising Sun.
In addition to investigating the trend of the Japonisme, Van Gogh and Japan will guide us through the art of the calligrapher Tomoko Kawao and the performative artist Tatsumi Orimoto to fully understand the spirit and characteristics of the art of the Rising Sun.

Van Gogh e il Giappone Van Gogh e il Giappone

At the end of the Edo period, in 1868, Japan went through a phase of opening up to the West. In this period in fact, Paris was flooded with everything that was Japanese. From decorative objects to colorful ukiyo-e prints, and much more.

Van Gogh, fascinated by all the elements of this extraordinary culture, focused on how they could be adapted to the search for a new point of view. He read the descriptions of Japan, filled his room with prints and studied Japanese works carefully. The female figures in the gardens or on the shore, on flowers, trees and twisted branches attracted the artist’s attention. Van Gogh appreciated the lines and compositional purity of these works, so much so as to make them an essential source of inspiration for his painting.

Van Gogh e il Giappone Van Gogh e il Giappone  

The Great Art in the Cinema

The film is part of “La Grande Arte al Cinema”, an original and exclusive project by Nexo Digital that since its debut to date has already brought 2 million viewers to the cinema.

In 2019 Grande Arte al Cinema is distributed exclusively in Italy by Nexo Digital with media partners Radio Capital, Sky Arte and