ARTE SU MARTE Feat “Saskia Battistoni and Federica Menozzi” @ TENOHA

Here we are again with the Thursdays aperitivo at TENOHA! Are you ready for a new appointment with the “Martian artists”? Then don’t miss the exclusive Nori Nori aperitif with the last Arte su Marte before the holidays!

As you know, ARTE SU MARTE is a cultural and artistic project that promotes emerging artists and combines art in all its forms, from painting, sculpture to photography and design.

And this time it’s the turn of two artists who will really leave you speechless: Saskia Battistoni and Federica Menozzi!

Saskia is a visionary illustrator who tries to express her thoughts by experimenting every in every possible way. For her, illustrating something means to turn a thought into an image, identified with a stroke that a brush can take.

Federica is equally explosive and particular. She will drag you into her world with her unique creations. So let yourself be carried away because everything is a surprise ready for you to be discovered!

And as always we are looking for new artists! There will be white canvases ready to be painted by you!

The premises for a special evening are all there, so we are waiting for you on Thursday 11th July at 6pm for the special aperitivo ARTE SU MARTE! Obviously, everything will be accompanied by the now famous Nori・Nori aperitif that you can find only at TENOHA Milano! Japan Italy Bridge is waiting for you and you really can’t miss it. After this we can start thinking about the holidays.

Where and when

Where: TENOHA Milano, Via Vigevano 18, 20144 Milan
When: Thursday, 11 July

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