Japan Italy: SPINDLE event in Milan

Taking the privilege out of investment with SPINDLE

As many of you may know, Japan Italy Bridge is born from the minds of Erika Panzeri and Angela Antenucci and from their 6 year long experience with the Japanese world through the creation and managing of the website gacktitalia.com.

Together with TMP Group, Japan Italy Bridge is organizing a dedicated event in Milan on June 4th for the presentation of SPINDLE.

Venue: Talent Garden Calabiana – 6 Via Arcivescovo Calabiana, 20139 Milano (click here to see the map)
Date/Time: June 4th 2018 17:30 ~ 20.00
Cost/Tickets: Free entrance. To be able to enter the event, you will need to present the ticket in printed or virtual form. To get your ticket please click here and register *

* The meeting is opened to all GACKT fans. During the registration through the form, if you are not an owner of a company, at the field “Company/Website” you respectively add  “Fan/GACKTItalia.com”

Event Schedule:
17:30 – Greetings & Reception
18:00 – Chief Strategy Advisor GACKT speech
18.15 – PR Manager + Evangelist Lina Speech: The New Wealth – Taking the privilege out of investment with SPINDLE
19:00 – One To One Agenda for questions and networking moment with SPINDLE

But what exactly is SPINDLE?

SPINDLE is the first match-making platform for private users and cryptocurrency funds, allowing everyone access to confident investment – whenever, wherever. Giving everyone the same equitable chances to pursue their personal financial independence, regardless of their name, age, nationality, gender, or wealth, is one of the pillars driving SPINDLE’s ambition. In order to challenge not only the long-established privilege in investment, but the mindset of an entire centralised financial structure, SPINDLE is developing a massive global ecosystem, powered by blockchain.

The New Wealth

What SPINDLE does is provide a platform and with that the infrastructure to pursue and get active in your own financial independence. Since for this to happen, the first thing we require is “readiness” of mind, however, we also see a certain educational mission in our work. So actually, most of our speech is going to focus on the mindset that is needed in order for cryptocurrency to grow from the underdog to the mainstream state.
After that, we will go ahead and explain the project SPINDLE.

Further information will be released in the next days. For any question regarding the event, please write to info@japanitalybridge.com.