Japan Italy: Boom Beat Bubble

BOOM| BEAT| BUBBLE Japanese Prints  sixties | seventies | eighties

Photo credits: lazionauta.it

An interesting exhibition just closed at the Japanese Cultural Institute in Rome: BOOM | BEAT | BUBBLE by Marcella Cossu.

The exhibition, that began on May 4 and ended on October 12, dealt with prints, a typical Japanese art that started with the current of the ukiyo-e (浮世 絵 “images of the floating world”) in the XVII and which continues today still.

From the “Economic Miracle” to the “Speculative Bubble”

Photo credits:  roma.repubblica.it

The peculiarity of this evocative exhibition was the choice of the historical period. Three decades closer to us than we might think, 60s, 70s and 80s, opening a door and making us discover the evolution of modern Japan as we know it. We could call it the Japanese counterpart of that most popular American Pop Art with Warhol.

We saw the BOOM, the explosion of the 60s with the “economic miracle” where Japan on its knees after the defeat in World War II managed to recover from the crisis due to the peak of the economy. Moving to the BEAT after the ’68 which also affected them with a changing world leading to the decade of the 70s that saw Japan emerge and stand as one of the world’s powerful nations. And the 80s with the BUBBLE, the “speculative bubble” that broke out during the following decade with the consequent rising prices of stocks in the financial and property sector .

With multiple topics, 24 artists and 54 works, it was not the usual exhibition.

Prints that are still modern today.

Photo credits: jfroma.it