Japan Italy: Ōki Izumi’s “Ponti di luce” (Bridges of Light)

 Ōki Izumi’s “Ponti di luce” (Bridges of Light) on display in Genoa

Photo credits: artslife.com

Ōki Izumi, a sculptor born in Tokyo, Japan, studied literature, painting and sculpture with Aiko Miyawaki, Taku Iwasaki and Yoshishige Saito. In 1997 she won a scholarship from the Italian government and in 1981 she graduated at the Brera Academy under the guidance of Giancarlo Marchese.

She has participated in several installations between Italy, Japan and other nations. The most recent one is “Ponti di Luce” on display in Genoa from 19 April 2017 to 1 October 2017 at the The Edoardo Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art. This particular exhibition is a dialogue between the permanent works of the museum and the contemporary sculptures of this Japanese sculptor.

A bridge between Japan and Italy, between ancient and modern. Here, the sculptures with the typical blue-green color of the industrial glass, the only material used by the artist, recall natural elements. Air and water undertake a dialogue with the precious Japanese and Oriental art heritage, gathered in Japan during the Meiji period (1868-1912) by Edoardo Chiossone.

Sinuous curves and beveled corner

Photo credits: artslife.com

The museum houses Japanese works of various ages, paintings, weapons and armors, pottery, masks and a rich collection of big sculptures from Japan, China and Siam.

As we have just said, the exhibition “Ponti di Luce” focuses on the processing of industrial glass, which transforms in the hands of the artist. Between sinuous curves and beveled corners, her works becomes a transparent skyline representing “Past-Present-Future”, the waves of Japanese seas, surrealistic shells and bright prisms. Their reflections glimmer on the ancient artworks in the same hall.

Izumi’s works are made of stratifications. Plates assembled while the transparency of the matter becomes an integral part of the place, and constantly changes thanks to the light and the reflections that are created.

Photo credits: artslife.com

Everything starts with a detailed and precise design, made of numerical calculations that from a rough sketch become sculpture. Regardless of their size, whether they are small jewelry or large installations, in these artworks you can find all the typical Oriental accuracy and attention.

The purpose of the works

The purpose, as the artist confirms, is to emphasize the harmony of shapes and make the spectator reflect by baring it through the transformation of a hard and hardly malleable material into something soft and pliable. Oki Izumi once again wanted to emphasize the contrast between antiquity and modernity, highlighting the contact points between the two spheres of time. An evolving art that over the years frees herself from all excesses becoming more and more conceptual and poetic.

Photo credits: artslife.com

The exhibition is sponsored by the Japanese Cultural Institute and is included in the official celebrations of the 150th Anniversary of the Relationships between Japan and Italy.

WHERE: The Edoardo Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art, piazzale Giuseppe Mazzini 4, Genoa
WHEN: from 19 April, Wednesday, to 1 October 2017,Sunday.  Tue-Fri 09:00 – 19:00; Sat-Sun 10:00 – 19:30

Info: museochiossone@comune.genova.it
Tel. 010542285