Japan Italy Bridge Tips: From Kyoto to Rome – Japanese craftsmanship on display

From Kyoto to Rome: Japanese craftsmanship on display

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The restaurant, tea room and bookshop Doozo, that in Japanese means ‘you are welcome’, is a place where you can spend your free time in a dimension of exchange, growth and comparison between two cultures that are distant from one another: the Italian one and the Japanese one. Here, at the exhibition space, Saturday October 28th, Rome will meet Japan through the event: “From Kyoto to Rome: Japanese craftsmanship on display“.

The protagonists will be Takaaki Saida, 39, stone artisan and sculptor of tōrō lanterns in Kyoto and Akihiro Mashimo, 40, a bamboo craftsman known for creating a 1 mile long promenade. They are among the last recognized Master Craftsmen left in Japan.

Members of the Kyōtoshokuninkōbo Handcraft Laboratory (京都 職 人工 房) they will showcase the Japanese craft tradition in Italy, after being in America at the Anderson Japanese Garden. This was made possible thanks to a fund obtained from the Kameoka Chamber of Commerce in Kyoto. The following day, October 29, it will be possible to take part in a workshop aimed at the creation of the traditional bamboo basket together with the master craftsman Akihiro Mashimo.

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The intention of the two young masters is to spread the techniques for working stone and bamboo with live demonstrations. Takaaki Saida will give a demonstration of traditional craftsmanship through stone engraving, also using a video clip to explain the history of this ancient craft. On the other hand, Mashimo will show how to cut and manipulate bamboo to create traditional fences for Japanese gardens along with other commonly used items.

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“From Kyoto to Rome: Japanese craftsmanship on display”

Doozo art book & sushi – Via Palermo 51-53, Roma – Tel. 06 481 56 55 Email. info@doozo.it

October 28, Saturday, from 15.00 to 19.00,  free entry;
October 29, Sunday, from 16.00 to 18.00, workshop with admission fee

During the two-days event you will be able to taste a Saké-based aperitif offered by the 3 Japanese sponsors of the exhibition:

Tatenokawa Shizou 楯野川 with a Junmaidaiginjou Seiryu 純米大吟醸
Nagai shuzou 永井酒造株式会社 with a Junmaiginjou Mizubashou 水芭蕉
Konishi shuzou 小西酒造 with a Junmaishu Aobaenosumikirijunmai 碧冴えの澄みきり純米