TENOHA &| TASTE: Onigiri aperitivo at TENOHA Milano

There is something new in the city, the Onigiri aperitivo at TENOHA Milano!

onigiri aperitivo 

A new appointment not to miss for those who want a different aperitif, for those who want to have fun together with friends, Now every Thursday evening you know where to go!

TENOHA Milan, which usually offers you the best aperitifs in the city, has decided to try something new because renewal is important. Do you know what Onigiri are?

Already present in the 11th century, these rice balls were called tojiki and eaten in outdoor picnics. this used to be the Samurai lunch, in fact, they kept rice balls in bamboo leaves during the war. A faster food to eat, even before using chopsticks. Only from the Heian period it began to be consumed on plates and took on a rectangular shape. Later, from the Kamakura period to the late Edo they were considered a quick meal. They were nothing but rice balls with salt outside but only afterwards they began to be served with the most varied ingredients.

onigiri aperitivo

After seeing the history of the Onigiri, TENOHA Milano is ready to make you relive them not only on the menu but also in a special aperitif! Tastes are many and ready to make you dream! You can choose between:

    • spinach and sesame
    • umeboshi
    • salmon
    • nikumiso
    • tuna and mayonnaise
    • katsuobushi

Ask the magnificent chef Sawayama for your favourite Onigiri and he will prepare them before your eyes with an amazing Show Cooking! Together with the Onigiri there will be a colourful and tasty buffet which you can take advantage of without stopping!

Ready for another journey through the tastes of Japan? Get on the TENOHA Milano train!

Onigiri aperitivo: details

Cost: 12 euros Onigiri + 1 drink + buffet
When: every Thursday, from 18 to 20.30
Where: & | TASTE TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano