TENOHA &| TASTE: it’s Setsubun time

Spring is approaching and with the beginning of the lunar year the Setsubun also returns to TENOHA Milano.

Setsubun Setsubun TENOHA Milano

Stetsubun is a very important occasion, considered as important as “new year’s eve” in Japan. With the start of the lunar new year, this anniversary purifies the evil of the previous year and chases away the evil spirits of the new one. The term Setsubun derives from change (bun) and season (setsu). The ritual of purification from evil is called Mamemaki and consists of throwing soybeans against Toshi Otoko (年男, man of the year), the man of the family born under the zodiac sign of the incoming lunar year or in his absence the oldest family member in the house. He will be the one to wear a demon mask and have soybeans thrown at him while shouting “Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!” or “Demons go out! Good luck come inside!”. The children then collect the beans and eat one for each year of their age.

Setsubun can be celebrated in TENOHA Milano this year too! There will be an aperitif full of unique and special contents! Would you like to know more?

Each person will have the chance to eat a whole roll of Ehomaki (one roll is about 20 cm) facing the direction of luck which is different each year and depends on the zodiac sign of the new year. The Ehomaki contain ingredients of seven different colours that represent the seven deities of society. If you can eat all the Ehomaki roll according to the rules, you will have a very lucky year! In this case, you will have a very lucky year of the Mouse. Are you ready to try?


The Setsubun is the ideal time for those who want to live a different experience together with your friends and loved ones, feeling in Japan without taking the plane. As you well know, TENOHA Milano often gives you this possibility. Renew your energies, do it in joy and with determination! It will be the talisman against all evil that will allow you to live the new year in a very Japanese way!

Details for the Setsubun aperitif event

When: from 31 January to 3 February from 18:00 to 20:30
Where: TENOHA &| TASTE, Via Vigevano 10, 20144 Milano
Cost: 12€ aperitivo

* buffet + Ehomaki + drink
* Powered by ASAHI

Further information: tenoha.it

Photo credits: ilikemilano.com