Impressioni d’Oriente “Arte e collezionismo tra Europa e Giappone” at MUDEC

Let’s continue our journey between Japan and Italy with another exhibition dedicated to Japan at MUDEC: Impressioni d’Oriente “Arte e collezionismo tra Europa e Giappone”.

For this autumn 2019, the MUDEC has started the Oriente MUDEC project. With the involvement of all the museum’s exhibition spaces, the Museum of Cultures in Milan tells from different points of view the mutual exchanges between Japan and Europe.

Impressioni d'Oriente

Through a wide and diverse selection of works from Italy and abroad, the exhibition tells the story of the development of taste oriented towards Japan. This current pervaded western artistic culture between the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, particularly in France and Italy.

Illustrated from an artistic, historical and ethnographic point of view, the exhibition contains over 170 works including paintings, prints, furnishing objects, sculptures and objects of applied art, coming from important Italian and European museums and from private collectors.

Impressioni d'Oriente Impressioni d'Oriente

The “Impressioni d’Oriente” exhibition traces the fascination that Japan has exerted on Western culture. Furthermore, the dynamics of the complex artistic exchanges that took place between 1860 and 1900 are also explored.
One of the particular focuses of this exhibition is the attention paid to the context of commercial, entrepreneurial relations and the curiosity that characterized an entire era.

Particular focus is given to those artists who have been influenced by “Japanism” such as Van Gogh, Gauguin, De Nittis. But also Toulouse-Lautrec, Rodin, Monet, exposing some of the absolute masterpieces of the time. We also find a particular concentration towards those Italian artists who followed or were inspired by the current of Japanism. We are in fact talking about to Guseppe De Nittis, Galileo Chini, an artist deeply fascinated by the Orient, Vincenzo Gemito, Federico Zandomeneghi and Giovanni Segantini, an active interpreter of images that made use of these stimuli.

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