Chef Hiro at TENOHA Milano, book signing event

On the occasion of the Milan Bookcity, TENOHA Milano has a new surprise for all of us: the very famous chef Hirohiko Shoda will present his new book “Washoku, the art of Japanese cuisine”. TENOHA Milan also gives the opportunity to meet the chef, directly in the space & | WORK. Here the chef Hiro will be available to answer some questions, sign your copy of the book and let you learn more about this new project.

Chef Hiro

Meanwhile, let’s prepare for the meeting by understanding what the book is about before doing it a little more closely together with the chef.

~Washoku. The art of Japanese cuisine ∼

For the Japanese, it is not only the food itself that is important, but also everything that surrounds it, such as serving, conviviality, hospitality and the rules of well manners. A real art that has conquered the West and that UNESCO has recognized as the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

Who is Hirohiko Shoda, better known also in TV shows as Chef Hiro?

Born in Nara, he immediately began studying Italian and international cuisine until he became famous in the restaurant world. He moved to Italy in 2006 and since then he had various collaborations with important chefs and connoisseurs of the art of cooking. Lecturer and author of the Master Japan, a specialized course in authentic Japanese cuisine, Hiro is also the protagonist of the programs “Ciao, sono Hiro” and “Hiro in Japan” on SKY Gambero Rosso Channel.

In March 2019 he received the official title of Ambassador of Japanese Cuisine in Italy from the MAFF Japan (Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries of Japan), conferred at the Embassy of Japan in Rome.

The philosophy of his cuisine is based on love and respect for nature, each ingredient is enhanced and respected up to the person who will nourish himself with the result. They are real journeys in oriental culture, special atmospheres not to be missed.
“I love Italian cuisine like the Japanese one, they seem distant and different, but in the end they are very similar in their family ritual, in their being a gesture of love, comfort, sharing, pleasure”. These are his words and this is his motto: Nature teaches everything.

Don’t miss the opportunity to get to know this great personality and to have his exclusive signature on his book!


When: 23 November from 16.00 to 18.00
Where: &|WORK TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Free Entrance

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