CHADO – Tea Ceremony 茶道 with Alberto Moro

Together with the Cultural Association Giappone in Italia, TENOHA Milano presents the new fantastic book by Alberto Moro: “Il mio Giappone”. It will not be a simple presentation but a real trip to Japan, as TENOHA Milano has accustomed you to, so we can enjoy special guests, the practice of the shodo and the tea ceremony.

Alberto Moro

Alberto Moro is President of the Cultural Association Giappone in Italia, we of Japan Italy bridge have already interviewed him in the past for our column Bringing Japan to Italy. A great admirer of Japanese culture in all its aspects, he has been a member of the Urasenke school in Milan since 1993. He practices and teaches chadō (tea ceremony) and in January 2019 he is very successful thanks to his exhibition “Il mio Giappone” at the Luciana Matalon Foundation of Milan. “Il mio Giappone” is an exhibition of 48 photographs that tells of contemporary Japan, a special mix of tradition and modernity, the true essence of the Rising Sun.

What is CHADO 茶道 ~ “Tea ceremony”?

In Japan, the act of preparing and drinking tea has acquired a very important and artistic meaning. When someone is invited to drink tea, he must arrive early, sit in a small room and enjoy the company of the other guests, detaching himself from everyday events.

The most important thing about the tea ceremony is sharing and showing the “serenity with a cup of tea”, the possibility of creating a communication between the participants. A great teaching, because it makes us understand that with everything we do we can transmit serenity. This means living Zen in every occasion of life. To learn how to do it and see how the Japanese do it, all you have to do is come to TENOHA for this intense trip! We are waiting for you as always!


※ Entrance at 6.30pm
※ Chado “Tea Ceremony” – Tea ceremony demonstration with Alberto Moro
※ Demonstration of shodo with master Mazuyama
※ Presentation of the book “Il mio giappone” – available for purchase in TENOHA & | SHOP

When: Tuesday 19 NOVEMBER | 18.30 – 20.00
Where: TENOHA MILANO – Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan
Free entrance