TENOHA & | TASTE: Nabe & the Hot Pot Experience

When the cold season begins, there are those who are happy and others who are a little less, but surely everyone is happy to spend pleasant moments at TENOHA MILANO in the company of a dish suitable for the cold season, the NABE. Finally arrived here in Italy! A unique experience that you cannot miss.

Nabe tenoha Nabe

TENOHA MILANO once again takes you to Japan, exactly in the ancient Jomon period, to taste a truly special dish: sea or mountain broth accompanied by vegetables.

In all Japanese homes you will find Nabe cooking vessels, precisely because this recipe is the protagonist of their culinary tradition.
The sense of home and of “Omotenashi”, what the NABE gives to diners and what has always characterized not only the Japanese houses, but also TENOHA MILANO.

Nabe Nabe

TENOHA MILANO offers 3 variants of Nabe (vegan, chicken and fish) to be combined with 4 different broths. Are you ready to be the guests of a big family and to breathe the Japanese atmosphere? Are you ready to warm your heart too? We are obviously here, on the front line. Remember that it is only available for dinner, but if you wanted it for lunch, you need to book a day in advance.

Nabe tenoha Tenoha


When: From October 18th for the entire fall/winter season
Where: &|TASTE – TENOHA MILANO Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano

Small Pot (for 1 pax) – From 18 to 20 €
Big Pot + side dishes (From 2 to 6 pax) – From € 50 to € 60