TENOHA & | GREEN – Green Week Milano with Kokedama Workshop

During the Milan Green Week, TENOHA Milano offers us another great event. Throughout the weekend of 28 and 29 September, we are waiting for you to celebrate nature with a special aperitif! All made in the unique way TENOHA has accustomed you to.

Green Week


Green aperitif with show cooking
Bombay Sapphire special drinks
Kokedama Workshop with KOIKOI
KOIKOI Green Design exhibition


Green Week

Cost: 12 €
When: September 28th – 29th from 18.00 to 21.00
Info: Special green finger food + Buffet snacks, special drink Bombay Shapphire, show cooking Nori Maki

KOKEDAMA WORKSHOP • With Giovanni Laguzzi from KOIKOI

  Green Week

Remaining on the theme of nature, let’s talk about it in an all-Japanese way with the Kokedama 苔玉 Workshop to be held on Saturday, September 28th in the TENOHA Garden!

The Kokedama are plants without pots, without something that keeps them rooted. They are covered with moss and soil, so completely able to stay alive and enhance the balance, beauty and serenity that nature can give us. A real soul that tells the deepest Japanese tradition. A soul who recites verses of poetry, tells stories and refers to the tradition of the rising sun.
The same ideograms, in fact, speak of it, koke means “moss” and dama means “pearl” or “sphere”.

Surely after this explanation and after seeing the true essence of Kokedama, you will want one of your own. Well, TENOHA Milan as always makes you bring the Japanese tradition home, that’s why thanks to the teaching of Maestro Giovanni Laguzzi from the KOIKOI atelier, you can create your Kokedama!

Workshop details

When: 28 September 2019 – from 16:00 to 18:00
Cost: 45€ Including materials
Availability: 20 pax


Realization of a kokedama among the 2 choices:

• “Green” with live musk and Chlorophytum comosum
• “Marrone” with sphagnum and succulent


The KOIKOI atelier – Green design

The idea is to create custom green to take home, without being afraid of space limits. They are real mini-worlds to take care of. Slowly you will realize that it will be much easier to take care of yourself and the people around you.

“We design and build from the single object to complex installations, to make vegetation and built interact, creating an element of surprise.”


WHERE: TENOHA MILANO, Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Event powered by Bombay Sapphire
FOR MORE INFORMATION: https://www.tenoha.it/events/greenweek/