Hanko Workshop @ TENOHA

Are you ready for June 9th? TENOHA is preparing a very interesting flower and plant theme event with Laura Sauchelli from FATTOAMENO, we are talking exactly about a HANKO Workshop.

What is an Hanko?

Hanko (判子) are custom seals made with wood, plastic or other material widely used in Japanese culture. In Japan, a stamp is often used instead of a signature. This was initially an exclusive of the emperor and his vassals, after which the nobles and samurai also began to use it in the feudal period. The Samurai seal was exclusively used with red ink.
After 1980, precisely after the modernization of Japan, Hanko are used by the whole Japanese society.

Do you want to create your own Hanko? It will be a unique experience, we are waiting for you on June 9th at TENOHA!


Where when
Where: TENOHA, Via Vigevano 18, 20144 Milan
When: June 9th
※ First session: 3.00 pm – 4.00 pm
※ Second session: 5.00 pm – 6.00 pm
PRICE: € 15 per person
AVAILABILITY: 15 pax per session


For info and reservations click on the links below:

FIRST SESSION: https://www.tenoha.it/booking/hanko-con-laura-prima-sessione/

SECOND SESSION: https://www.tenoha.it/booking/hanko-con-laura-seconda-sessione/

TENOHA: https://www.tenoha.it/