Japan Italy: Tenoha Milano

Tenoha Milano – the Japanese concept store

In the heart of Milan there is a small corner of Japan. Inaugurated on April 4th, Tenoha, the new Japanese concept store, opens its doors in via Vigevano 18! For all fans of the Japanese minimal design, this is the new absolute mecca.

Photo credit: japanitalybridge.com

A few days prior the inauguration of the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Tenoha fascinates us with its concept of multi-purpose space in the true sense of the word. A space that provides everything from shopping to food, from work to relaxation.
In the amazing opening night event it was possible to fully admire this beautiful and brand new concept that combines work with leisure, business and pleasure.
Developing on a vast area, Tenoha contains a shop selling all Japanese items, food, entertainment and also a wonderful area of ​​coworking.

The Japanese shop & aesthetics

Tenoha brings classic Japanese design to Italy: simple, rich in details and with first choice materials. Minimal, functional and beautiful, the taste of the rising sun has already conquered us and now with Tenoha it can only put even more roots in our hearts and in our daily life. From flatware to decorations, from notebooks to pens, there is a wide choice of products with a very high quality and at a price all in all in the average (if not less) for a city like Milan. In short, we will no longer be able to live without it.

Photo credit: japanitalybridge.com

The restaurant – between street food and tradition

Milan you know, has now become almost like a rib of Tokyo when talking about Japanese food. However, Tenoha has managed to enter the market with a tense leg through a brilliant and unusual reinterpretation of street food mixed with traditional Japanese cuisine. Everything is rigorously made using fresh, seasonal ingredients and under the meticulous supervision of a Japanese kitchen artist, Tenoha offers around 130 seats including a restaurant, a café and an outdoor area. A combination of flavors and elements typical of the rising sun but with an Italian experience and atmosphere.

Photo credit: japanitalybridge.com

Coworking in style

Working in an environment where everything is possible and with a design that helps not only concentration but also creativity is everything for any company. Tenoha offers coworking spaces where every team can work while having fun and confronting other realities.

Photo credit: japanitalybridge.com

A functional space with a thousands uses

In addition to shopping, food and work, Tenoha also has the opportunity to reinvent itself and transform itself for any occasion. A stage where you can attract a large number of people, organize special activities, events and much more! A new focal point for all those who need locations during “hot” periods of the Milanese life, such as during Milan Fashion Week or the Salone del Mobile.

Photo credit: japanitalybridge.com

A multi-purpose space with a Japanese style but an Italian flavor, the perfect mix for those who want to approach Tokyo while remaining in the Lombard capital. In short, a small Tokyo, all at your fingertips.