Tokyo and the crossroads: Not just Shibuya Scramble

Imagine being immersed in vibrant and dynamic Tokyo, a place where every corner holds a surprise and every street tells a story. Shibuya Crossing is perhaps the epicenter of this overwhelming energy, an iconic symbol immortalized in countless shots. Here, the imposing commercial buildings, the glittering advertising signs and the incessant stream of pedestrians create a unique, almost magical atmosphere. But if your desire is to explore lesser-known, equally fascinating corners, here are five intersections of Tokyo that will make you fall in love with this city even more.


Credits: Savvytokyo

Sukiyabashi Crossing

The first is the Sukiyabashi Crossing in Ginza, a true hidden gem that offers a similar visual and sensory experience to Shibuya. The white and orderly pedestrian lines, together with the vitality of Ginza Sony Park and Sukiyabashi Park, create a futuristic and vibrant atmosphere. But what really makes this intersection special is the majestic Tokyu Plaza Ginza, with its façade inspired by Edo Kiriko glass. Known as the “Gateway to Ginza”, this place defines the elegance and luxury of Tokyo’s shopping district.

Credits: A. Wee

Nissan Crossing

Continuing into the heart of Ginza, you will find yourself at the intersection of Seiko House Ginza. This spot evokes the glamour of New York’s Fifth Avenue, with its glittering shop windows and refined architecture. Here, Japanese luxury is palpable: on the one hand, the sophisticated Seiko watches; on the other, Nissan’s cutting-edge cars and the innovative Sony showroom. Every corner exudes elegance and craftsmanship of the highest standard.



Roppongi Crossing

Moving to Roppongi, we find an intersection that shines especially at night. The lights of the skyscrapers illuminate the sky, creating an enchanting atmosphere. Roppongi Crossing is crossed by the Metropolitan Expressway, an imposing structure that adds a touch of urban grandeur. The “Roppongi” signs on the freeway are an unmistakable landmark, a symbol of this lively and cosmopolitan neighbourhood. When in the area, don’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the many trendy bars in Roppongi.

Credits B.Lucava

Kabukicho Crossing

Another unmissable intersection is Kabukicho in Shinjuku. Here, Godzilla’s head poking out of the Toho Cinema provides a surreal and iconic scene. Kabukicho is the beating heart of Tokyo’s nightlife, with its neon signs, restaurants and bars crowded with students and salarymen. This red-light district, with its mix of pop culture and lively energy, offers endless photo opportunities and a unique experience.

Credits J. Jenkin

Asakusa Crossing

Finally, we cannot forget Asakusa Crossing, which marks the entrance to Nakamise-dori and leads to the majestic Sensoji Temple. This is one of the most recognizable views of Tokyo, dominated by the Kaminarimon Gate with its imposing lantern. The atmosphere here is steeped in history and tradition, enriched by the rickshaws that await tourists at the entrance. Crossing the street, you will find the Asakusa Culture Tourist Information Center, designed by Kengo Kuma, where you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding area.

These crossings represent the essence of Tokyo, a city that knows how to surprise and fascinate every corner. Get ready to discover the magic that lies in these urban wonders and be inspired by their unique beauty.