As every year, the corner of Japan TENOHA Milano proposes the Tsukimi, the Moon festival!

O-Tsukimi means admiring the full moon. Surely you have stopped to admire it and dream about it, you can’t miss the opportunity to experience it here at TENOHA Milano with a weekend dedicated to the typical flavors of this festival!

The Moon Festival will be in full swing with an unmissable and truly unique show: Making of MOCHITSUKI! Mochitsuki is the ceremony with which mochi is prepared. The rice, previously soaked and then cooked, is pounded in the traditional large mortar called usu with a wooden hammer called kine. Usually two people carry out this procedure: the first one rhythmically pound with the kine while the second one turns and moistens the mochi; it is necessary a great coordination to perform this maneuver without hindering each other (and without getting hurt). The paste thus obtained is cut and shaped in the form of small spheres. In recent times, the mochitsuki ceremony is usually reserved for special events, including TSUKIMI, known as the Moon Festival, typically represented by the figure of a rabbit pounding rice in a mortar to make mochi.

Make this weekend special, treat yourself to Tsukimi at TENOHA Milano and enjoy the Making of MOCHITSUKI!

We are here, we are waiting for you at TENOHA Milano!

APERITIVO | hours 18:00 – 20:00

From 18:00 to 20:00 TAKOYAKI show cooking
19:00~ Show of “MOCHITSUKI” – Making of mochi

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(+39) 02 8088 9147

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