TENOHA &| TASTE: Onigiri aperitivo at TENOHA Milano

There is something new in the city, the Onigiri aperitivo at TENOHA Milano!

onigiri aperitivo 

A new appointment not to miss for those who want a different aperitif, for those who want to have fun together with friends, Now every Thursday evening you know where to go!

TENOHA Milan, which usually offers you the best aperitifs in the city, has decided to try something new because renewal is important. Do you know what Onigiri are?

Already present in the 11th century, these rice balls were called tojiki and eaten in outdoor picnics. this used to be the Samurai lunch, in fact, they kept rice balls in bamboo leaves during the war. A faster food to eat, even before using chopsticks. Only from the Heian period it began to be consumed on plates and took on a rectangular shape. Later, from the Kamakura period to the late Edo they were considered a quick meal. They were nothing but rice balls with salt outside but only afterwards they began to be served with the most varied ingredients.

onigiri aperitivo

After seeing the history of the Onigiri, TENOHA Milano is ready to make you relive them not only on the menu but also in a special aperitif! Tastes are many and ready to make you dream! You can choose between:

    • spinach and sesame
    • umeboshi
    • salmon
    • nikumiso
    • tuna and mayonnaise
    • katsuobushi

Ask the magnificent chef Sawayama for your favourite Onigiri and he will prepare them before your eyes with an amazing Show Cooking! Together with the Onigiri there will be a colourful and tasty buffet which you can take advantage of without stopping!

Ready for another journey through the tastes of Japan? Get on the TENOHA Milano train!

Onigiri aperitivo: details

Cost: 12 euros Onigiri + 1 drink + buffet
When: every Thursday, from 18 to 20.30
Where: & | TASTE TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano

Travel guide: Tokyo - Episode 04 - Breakfast in Tokyo

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and this rule also applies to Tokyo! Today for the new post dedicated to our practical guides we will talk about the best places to have breakfast in Tokyo.

colazione a tokyo

photo credits: oyakata.com.pl

The typical breakfast in Tokyo and Japan

When it comes to "breakfast", each of us has different ideas according to their habits: sweet, savory, protein.

I'm accustomed to fresh fruit and oat smoothies every morning, and I recently said to myself: "If I lived in Tokyo and wanted to try Japanese traditions, what could I eat for breakfast?"

Fortunately, even in Japan, breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day and is prepared and eaten at home. The traditional breakfast of the Rising Sun is based on the concept of ichiju-sansai (一汁三菜 = a soup, 3 dishes). The main dishes are Gohan (ご飯), a bowl of steamed rice, Shiru (汁) a bowl of soup, Okazu (おかず) the main dish and Kouno mono (香の物) a small dish of pickled seasonal vegetables.

Hatsufuji in Nihonbashi

photo credits: timeout.com

This is a place loved by everyone who goes to the office every morning. Hatsufuji in Nihonbash i is a restaurant where, through a simple machine, you can order a complete set of breakfast dishes between 7:00 and 11:00 in the morning.

Tsumugi in Tsukiji

colazione a tokyo

photo credits: favy-jp.com

As part of the information center of the ancient Tsukiji Hongan Temple, Tsumuji offers a small shop and a spacious cafe with a warm and relaxing atmosphere. The breakfast, served until 11, offers the possibility to choose between two menus. The first choice is the traditional set which includes grilled fish, sweet and sour vegetables, tamagoyaki, rice and miso soup, muesli with rice crackers and fresh fruit.

Alternatively, the spectacular 18 Hinmoku No Asagohan which includes 18 dishes! Inspired by the teachings of the 48 great vows of Amitabha Buddha, it includes rice porridge, miso soup and 16 small seasonal dishes, such as duck with sansho pepper, konnyaku shiroae, tamagoyaki, tofu with white bean paste, yuzu and matcha jelly.

Tsukiji Sushi Sei in Marunouchi

colazione a tokyo

photo credits: picrumb.com

Walking through Tokyo station, in the GranSta Dining sector, you come across the Tsukiji Sushi Sei. Here breakfast, served from 7 to 10, includes a special dish. We are talking about tai goma (red snapper sliced with sesame) and many other variations such as braised fish with salmon bacon and ikura. Each portion is rigorously accompanied by a bowl of rice, miso soup, tamagoyaki and sweet and sour vegetables.

Shinpachi Shokudo in Shinjuku

colazione a tokyo

photo credits: tripifyapp.com

The morning frenzy of the Japanese can be experienced in this particular place located between the back streets of Shinjuku. Inspired by a rustic farm, the horseshoe-shaped counter guarantees fast service and tasty food. Here breakfast includes mackerel, grilled saikyo, marinated salmon and goma-aji.

Odashi Tokyo in Shinagawa

colazione a tokyo

photo credits: ryutsuu.biz

Odashi belongs to a chain and as such offers a set menu and small ones extra additions that can be chosen from various offers. Breakfast, served between 7 and 10, includes lobster miso soup, pork and spinach in ginger soy milk broth, chicken congee, lotus root and Chinese pumpkin congee. These are all dishes to which you can add tofu, broth with pork and potatoes and saikyo miso soup.

Which of these local traditions intrigued you? Have you already found your favorite or do you know other fantastic niches to suggest? One thing is certain: breakfast in Tokyo is also an extraordinary experience!

CARRY THE SUN by Landport

Since we are children we have ever wanted to have some light in the dark with us, to CARRY THE SUN with us. The name says it all, at night, during the day, when we feel insecure, when we are afraid and when we need reassurance. A dream that from Japan becomes a reality and thanks to Landport, on any occasion, we can comfortably have the sun and its light in our pocket or bag.


The models are varied and adapt to any taste and occasion:

  • A) warm light size S and M
  • B) cold light size S and M
  • C) rainbow light 7 colours (size M)

CARRY THE SUN anywhere, in a tent, on vacation, for an emergency or simply as a gift idea.

In fact, this is an absolutely ECO product in all its meanings, because CARRY THE SUN is ECOlogical, ECOnomical and ECOsustainable. A great energy saving: just recharge it with direct sunlight for at least 8 hours and you will have the real sun with you for 74 hours! In addition, its being light, resistant and washable will make it even more pleasant, it will become a presence that you can no longer live without. We can't go out without a smartphone, also because it could be useful for emergency moments. However, when we need sunlight in the dark of night, what can we do? With this new product, we have it in our pocket or bag, it will become even more indispensable than your mobile phone!


What is more natural than sunlight? That light that pampers us when we are alone when we need help or to see the road ahead of us in emergencies? Or are you looking for a particular and certainly unique gift idea? One of those that will leave people speechless and with the classic expression of amazement in their eyes. Give the light of the sun, CARRY THE SUN from Landport is what you have been waiting for and you can find it in the TENOHA MILANO shop from now on!



Official website: https://www.landport.co.jp/ , https://www.carrythesun.jp/
Socials: Official Instagram, Official Facebook
Where to buy: https://www.tenoha.it/shop/

TOKYO TESHIGOTO celebrates the arrival in Milan

Are you ready to experience TOKYO TESHIGOTO in TENOHA MILANO with a special traditional and modern event?


TOKYO TESHIGOTO is a project that mixes the skill of the artisans of Tokyo and modern production. Surely you know how rich the traditional Japanese art that was created by Edo craftsmen is and how important it is to transmit it to the new generations. For this TENOHA Milano offers us another trip to Japan to discover the manual works of the masters called "Takumi" and Edo aesthetics. In addition to spreading the Edo aesthetics of "iki" and "inase", the Takumi are challenging new types of Tokyo crafts so that more people can get to know and experience it. You can find all TOKYO TESHIGOTO products at the TENOHA Milano shop, to touch the emotion of the Edo period with your own hands and bring it home.

TENOHA Milano obviously could not avoid celebrating this great news! Don't miss the TOKYO TESHIGOTO launch party! You will feel not only closer to the history of Japan but also enriched by something that normally you could not experience. It will be an extraordinary evening in which tradition is combined with modernity: the history of Japan enriched by the DJ set of Andrea Ratti. What are you waiting for? Do you want to spend one of those special evenings that only TENOHA Milano can organize for you?


All products will be available for purchase from TENOHA & | SHOP

When: 25 January from 18.00 to 20.00
Where: TENOHA MILAN - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan


More info:

TENOHA & | SHOP: B-SIDE LABEL is finally here!

B-Side Label, the most famous stickers in the world, have arrived at TENOHA MILANO!

B-Side Label  B-Side Label

If you have been to Japan you have come back with a suitcase full of these stickers, because you could only find them there and online. Afterwards, when you got home, you filled the computers, cars and anything else with these stickers, confident that they would never come off. Yes, because they are magical stickers...

What is B-side Label?

Let's find out a little more about these magical stickers. B-Side Label was created by Japanese artists who use their flair and their art to create special and above all unique stickers in the world. In 2003, in Osaka, they began to be produced and sell to passersby on the sidewalks. Their magic begins from that moment, in which they give birth to a smile on the face of the person who buys them.

Why? Because, although they are not essential, they give a touch of happiness and depict our favourite characters, yes, exactly the ones we would like to always carry with us! The numbers to date are absolutely impressive and very different from the sales on the sidewalk, which however remains a spontaneous and very sweet start. We are talking about over 5,000 different sticker designs with 50 new ones every month. How can we not fall in love with them? Impossible.


Every time you go to Japan you spend hours in the B-Side shop choosing among the many stickers and the first desire is to take them all home. Not only are they beautiful, they are also all waterproof and covered with UV protective film. You don't have to be afraid to put them somewhere other than your PC, you can decorate everything from the car to the bicycle, from the surfboard to normal bottles of water. In fact, you can customize everything with B-Side stickers because they will not come off for any reason, at least for three good years they are insured to what you have attached them to.


For this reason, they are magical, could something beautiful and safe be defined as magical? Among other things, they are now available, for the first time in Italy, at TENOHA Milano. Yes, just TENOHA Milano, the place that allows you to experience Japan without taking the plane. You can find these B-Side label stickers right here, at your fingertips in the TENOHA Milano shop.

So what are you waiting for? Go fill your eyes, hearts and hands with these stickers and, as always, experience the magic as if you were in Japan.

Where: TENOHA &| SHOP - https://www.tenoha.it/shop/
BSIDE LABEL Official Website: https://bside-label.com/


TENOHA &| TASTE: Best Hakken Returns

Who of you remembers the TENOHA MILANO Hakken Menu? Japan Italy Bridge is delighted to wish you a wonderful 2020 with great news. Now you can try again or for the first time the dishes that have been more successful from the HAKKEN Menu 1 e 2. Are you curious to know how to do it? Well, first of all, you have to come to TENOHA MILAN, the only true corner of Japan in Italy, then read below!

# 1 - From AICHI prefecture 愛知県: HITSUMABUSHI ひつまぶし風うなぎ丼


Although many said they did not like eel, it seems that this dish has conquered everyone's hearts and stomachs. I myself loved it particularly and strongly recommend you try it again and if you have never tried it. Run, you have 13 days! It is a bowl of rice with grilled eel covered with kabayaki sauce (soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar), accompanied by various dressings and broth.

Cost: 18 €
When: from 13 to 26 January

# 2 - From KANAGAWA prefecture: SUKIYAKI DON すき焼き丼


The second "heartbreaker" dish is the Sukiyaki Don. Everyone loved it and many of you were dying to eat it again. Now you can do it! Only the description will melt your soul: bowl of rice with SUKIYAKI (beef, mixed vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, tofu in Sukiyaki sauce) served with poached eggs and kobachi.

Cost: 16€
When: from 27 January to 9 February

# 3 - From OSAKA prefecture 大阪 : YAKI UDON & TAKOYAKI 焼うどんとたこ焼きのセット


And what do we have from Osaka prefecture? Another spectacular and unique dish, something that you can find either in Japan or in this corner of Japan in Milan. It is stir-fried udon with prawns and vegetables, accompanied by the famous Takoyaki.

Cost: 16€
When: from February 10th to March 1st

From January 13th to March 1st you know where you can find the perfect lunch and dinner, for you and your friends or why not, with your loved one it is also a very romantic menu! As always TENOHA MILANO likes to pamper and spoil you, so don't miss this new opportunity to feel in the land of the Rising Sun!

More information: https://www.tenoha.it/

2019 Kanji of the year: 令

2020 is finally here and like every year, Japan has elected the “Kanji of the year” and for 2019 the choice was very logical.

Kanji of the year

December and January always force us to do some retrospectives on the year that just passed and the choice for Kanji of the year is not less worthy.
Administered by the Kyoto-based Japan Kanji Aptitude Testing Foundation, a single Japanese character is chosen by open ballot. The final choice is meant to embody a deep significance for the year as it comes to a close.

This yearly tradition is announced by Seihan Mori, the head abbot of Kyoto’s historical Kiyomizudera Temple. This is not a normal announcement, in fact, the head abbot writes the kanji with a giant calligraphy brush while standing on the temple’s balcony.

This time, 216,325 votes were cast, and the winner kanji of the year is 令 pronounced rei.

Kanji of the year

Rei means “order” (in the sense of orderly control), however, in some contexts it can also mean “beautiful”. This kanji has become famous during 2019 not just as the winner choice, but also when Reiwa, Japan’s new imperial era, was announced. The Japanese government clarified that the meaning of this new era is “beautiful harmony”

令/rei received 30,427, roughly 14% of the total votes. Considering that the Japanese language has more than 2100 regular-use kanji, this is still a very important result for any single character. Second-place was occupied by 新/shin, meaning “new,” and third-place 和/wa, which means “harmony” and is the second kanji in Reiwa.

2019 was a very important year for Japan since it marked the change in the imperial era since 1989. The selection of 令/rei isn’t much of a surprise. However, it reflects a happier mindset than the Kanji of the Year in 2018 (“disaster”), 2017 (“north,” in reference to North Korean missile launches) and 2014 (“tax,” the result of an unpopular sales tax increase that year).

Hopefully, 令和/rei will be not just a reminder of the significant changes of 2019, but also a ray of hope that more beautiful things are coming in 2020.

And with this, we want to wish a Happy New Year to all our readers, your families and loved ones. 明けましておめでとうございます。

Sources: ©SoraNews24
Images ©SoraNews24, japon-secreto.com


The New Year has a special meaning for the Japanese and they usually celebrate it with special dishes such as Osechi Ryori and we celebrate it at TENOHA MILANO.

Osechi Ryori Osechi Ryori TENOHA

The New Year (O-Shogatsu) is the most traditional celebration in Japan. To celebrate in full tradition, TENOHA MILANO has prepared a special menu. For the first days of 2020 we will be able to taste Osechi Ryori (おせち料理). Do you know what it is?

Each ingredient is special because this is considered the most important meal of the year precisely because it's the one that welcomes it! Osechi Ryori are the traditional foods that are prepared on New Year's Eve. Something not only delicious, but also splendid to see! Even the eyes will enjoy this wonder before the stomach does. An assortment of colorful dishes packed together in special boxes called jubako, which looks like a bento box.


You cannot miss them or start the year without this delight for the eyes and the palate. What do you do? Are you coming for dinner, lunch or both? You can obviously try them both since Osechi Ryori will be at your disposal from January 1st to 12th!

Osechi Ryori Details




UMAMIJIRU • 豆腐と野菜の旨味汁

How Osechi Ryori is made

Salmon, tuna, octopus, ikura (salmon roe), egg omelette, lotus root and dill served with rice

Shrimp, yuan salmon, eggs, vegetable and chicken stew, kamaboko, carrots and daikon

Dashi soup with tofu and seasonal vegetables

So if you want something new, all you have to do is come to TENOHA Milano and amaze yourself and others with Osechi Ryori, surely something you can't find anywhere else! Obviously, we at Japan Italy Bridge will be there and we are looking forward to see you!


When: Lunch and dinner from January 1st to 12th
Where: TENOHA MILAN - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan

More information: https://www.tenoha.it/