Tougei, a breath of joy and nature for your home

A completely renovated and particular house with Tougei! On the table, you can show the most beautiful, fun and special cutlery!

Tougei Tougei

What's Tougei

Tougei is a Japanese company that produces wooden tableware and ships them all over the world. Founded in 1980, Tougei uses the finest woods, that is beech, cherry and sawo which is an Indonesian plant. Why wood? First of all for its resistance, then for its uniqueness because two identical kinds of wood do not exist. There are many differences in colours, veins and knots, as each person has a different personality from the others.

Tougei Tougei

The quality is very high and thanks to the careful processing of the wood finish, the product is not only smooth to the touch but aesthetically perfect. Tougei has created tableware not only to be admired by adults but also to be loved by children who will feel happier to eat with cat-shaped or squirrel-shaped spoons. Tougei combines business with pleasure and beauty!

The products

Many times we have guests in the house and we would always like to show off a particular and elegant table. As a gift idea, or for your own home, these products are the solution that was missing and now it exists! At TENOHA &|SHOP you can find the necessary to renew your table as you prefer, thanks to Tougei. Your table will not go unnoticed, as your gift for those you love will not go unnoticed, it is a novelty, it is elegance. Butter knives, cutlery for cake and jam, sugar spoons, ladles, bowls, chopsticks and chopsticks holders, everything is new, as you have never really seen it!

Tougei Tougei

Perfect for the home, wonderful as a gift but also excellent for restaurants! If you want to renovate your restaurant with cutlery, special bowls and excellent quality, something that can also be nice for children with the animal line, rely on Tougei! Take a look at the products in TENOHA &| SHOP and choose the tableware item you like best. Give a new life to your table with Tougei, even everyone will see you as special and different from the rest.

A different restaurant and table, it's time to renew! It's time for all Japanese new items and elegance! Are you ready for Tougei?


TENOHA &| TASTE: Chef Sawayama's choices

In February there is a special menu that the great chef Sawayama chose for TENOHA Milano. Japan lovers and not, the festivities in TENOHA never end! This is an opportunity that you absolutely cannot miss. We are talking about a special menu, chosen by a great Japanese chef with dishes that you won't find easily. As we have often said, you don't need to fly to Japan to taste something special, without a plane, just with the subway, the car or the bicycle and you are in TENOHA Milano!

As you well know, TENOHA Milano has accustomed you very well to traditional and special dishes already with the famous HAKKEN menu. Well, now chef Sawayama wants to surprise you again with a new menu chosen by him, only in February. Let's take a look.


CURRY - 16€
Japanese curry is dreamy, here we find it with beef, vegetables, rice salad and kobachi.




YU DOFU - 12€
Chef Sawayama wants you to taste the tofu in hot kombu seaweed broth, spicy toubanjang sauce and soy sauce with vegetables. If you don't know what we are talking about, let yourself be tempted by this unique appetizer.


As you can see in the photo, it is not only a delicious but also a wonderful to see dish, as they say, Instagram ready. Amberjack carpaccio in dried tomato sauce served with marinated red daikon and dill.

TENOHA curry sawayama

Even in the evening, you can enjoy Japanese beef and vegetable curry served with rice.

Don't miss the chance and don't miss any of the choices because this menu will only be available in February, so hurry up. We are all waiting for you here at TENOHA Milano.

Further information:
TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano

Replug, unleash your creativity with Japanese stationery

We are all a little tired of the usual stationery gifts, it's time to change to the stationery brand directly from Japan: Replug! Let's get to know a new important brand of the Japanese tradition, created by TDS Co. Tokyo.

Replug Replug

Replug tells us about advertising planning and creation of projects, with unique stationery products. Have you ever thought about how stationery could be a way of developing and showing your creativity? Business cards, sticky notes, wall calendars everything the creators are proud of. Maybe everything we've always looked for and never found. In fact, we often find everyday objects that do not have all this peculiarity. However, we find this particularity, personalization and practicality in these Replug products. We are talking about simple designs that will be able to give a touch of uniqueness and comfort to users, also because they are products that can be completely assembled and mixed together! Are you ready to know them all so that you can also study all the possible combinations?

Let's take a look at these products by browsing them one by one:

Replug Moon Calendar 2019 Replug Moon Calendar Gold 2019


It is not just a calendar, but something that we have probably been looking for for some time. Do you love the moon? Do you know someone who loves the moon? This is the ideal object to give or keep for yourself. in fact, this wall calendar not only shows the days but also the phases of the moon and we know how important the moon is, right?
The silhouette of the moon with its phases is represented every day, from January to December. Know in advance (and with elegance) what awaits you this year.

Replug Triangular 2020

Replug Replug

And as a desk calendar? Obviously Replug does not offer you the classic product, but something absolutely unique, never seen before! A calendar that folds into a triangle so that you can see three months at a time. One of the many beautiful and interesting things about this calendar is that you can not only leave it on your desk but also carry it in your bag so that you can always have it at hand. From January 2020 to February 2021, experience uniqueness with this calendar, both in the office and on the go.

3’s Calendar 2020

One of the nice things about Replug is that it gives you the opportunity to choose between many variations of the same product. Now let's talk about another desk calendar. the New standard for the three-month calendar. With this elegant and unique design, you can have under control three months at a time and the contrast between black and white adds a strong and angular presence.

Tag Schedule

Replug Replug

Here's a really useful and interesting thing. Your notes will be ready to stick wherever you want! I don't know about you, but I often don't find a sticky sheet to schedule a meeting or a commitment, here with Replug's Tag Schedule there is the possibility of having everything in a comfortable gesture! Plan and attach the commitment you scheduled so that it can be seen! On the notebook, PC monitor, desk or refrigerator. As always, we can count not only on a unique design but also on a powerful adhesive that will keep your commitment handy as long as you want! The colours are varied and according to your choice! What do you prefer between dark blue, red, brown, light blue and light grey?

Sara’s book

Replug Replug

Even if it is written that it is Sara's book, this is a notebook to be used freely as you prefer. It is comfortable because it is the same size as a business card holder and particular for its attractive design. You can create a new notebook by personalizing it in the way you prefer. Start creating your personal one with your Sara's book! The colors are many, red, white, grey, black and their combinations!

Log Book

An agenda where business cards can be placed! Have you ever seen it? Maybe not, because Replug has launched this very interesting gift and personal idea for an incredibly particular and elegant business! Are you ready to be unique in your business meetings? With Log Book you will give your loved ones or, why not, yourself a unique and professional design. Because, after all, we are all businessmen.

Your Log

What is Your Log? A memo card booklet with the right size to take it anywhere! You will never forget an appointment with Replug's Your Log any more, you will remember everything not only effectively but very elegantly and you will not go unnoticed. Create "your album" with everything you like!


Replug Replug

And if we want to combine business with pleasure? If we want to have fun while being effective in work and in life? Replug offers us Taco-ASHI! An exclusive octopus-shaped sticky note pad is in use from the office to the private scene. The perfect gift for those who want to be and feel practical, fun and very Japanese-like!



Here we are with another unique item: The Washi-Dog! Replug offers you a "hairy" greeting card with Mino washi fibers. You have certainly never seen such original greeting cards! This product uses Mino Washi, one of the traditional Japanese papers which gives a smooth surface sensation. The Washi-Dog is made by Japanese craftsmen patiently one by one and can be used both as a business card and as an ornament. Really too good!

Atelier mio


This is an interesting innovative product for children and not only! It is a calendar with sheets for drawing, from the "Reggio Emilia" pedagogical method. It is located in the corner of the TENOHA &| SHOP to understand its use, so you can try it! Children can start drawing thanks to the shapes and it will be very interesting to see the colours they choose and how they colour with their fingers! An experience that will surely enrich us adults too. There aren't many opportunities that allow us to experience all this, so what are you waiting for? Get to know this Replug product, which is not only beautiful and particular to exhibit but also a novelty and a lesson for all of us, young and old.
KITPAS colours are safe for children and easy to remove from your fingers with a wet cloth or tissue.

All the Replug products we have just talked about are available at TENOHA & | SHOP! Come and experience innovation and fun!


JAPAN DENIM arrives at TENOHA Milano

JAPAN DENIM, a unique and unprecedented collection at TENOHA MILANO! A brand entirely dedicated to denim absolutely nowhere to be found.


This brand has an extraordinary quality, both for the level of stitching and for the technological and passionate skills of designers active both in Japan and abroad. And not only! It is a quality also chosen by major foreign brands for any type of denim product.
Japanese denim is in demand from all over the world for its great quality. 80% of the production takes place in the Bichu Bingo area around the city of Fukuyama (Hiroshima) and the city of Ibara (Okayama). "JAPAN DENIM" is a real international project!


To increase the quality, the technical competence of denim, especially internationally! Each product has a label that identifies the manufacturer and the companies involved. In this way, denim-related companies will have more chances to meet other designers to get new businesses.

How about attending the JAPAN DENIM launch party at TENOHA Milano? A unique opportunity to have fun and see the birth of something really new. The POP-UP STORE will be available from February 4th to 9th! Don't miss this opportunity !!

Launch Party & Pop-Up Store

When: February 4th from 18:00 to 20:00
DJ SET Andrea Ratti
Where: TENOHA MILAN - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan

For more information:

Takeda Design Project, design in your daily life

The Takeda Design Project of the Takeda company is a total innovation in the world of metals and how they can be used in everyday life, directly from the prefecture of Niigata.
The designers who are engaged in this project want to use the quality of metals by transforming them into objects with refined shapes.

Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

Technology, progress, convenience, and speed in use, these are the goals that Takeda Design Project wants to pursue. Thanks to the knowledge of the various designers and their experience in metalworking, the final product has a definitely innovative and absolutely unique appeal. We are often looking for something that can be comfortable and beautiful to see and show, right? The answer to all of this is Takeda Design Project!

Even the machines with which these products are born are the latest in the field, faster with a saving in manpower and efficiency increase. Welding and cutting machines, the best in production that are born from what customers want thanks to careful market research.

Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

Takeda Design Project products

Let's take a look at these products and you will realize their uniqueness.

PRIMARIO/ Loupe series

The aluminum lens illuminates the object thanks to the natural light that comes from the three large arches and has the perfect design for reading.
This idea of PRIMARIO is to reduce the materials to the absolute limit and despite this, they know how to satisfy the set goals. The feeling is of robustness, brilliance, elegance, and practicality.

Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

However, this is not just a beautiful design object to look at, but it's also the winner of the German Design Award as excellent product design stationery.


Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

A special and original calendar. Have you ever thought of giving one as a gift? Now you can finally find it! Because the designer Yukimasa Hirota has designed this product based on the themes of "disposable" and "attachment". Many times the calendar becomes part of the furniture and therefore I am very sorry to throw it away at the end of the year. For this, the TOPTION/CALEN-BAR is reusable, so it can remain part of our affections forever!

ALIGN LINE: card stand & pen tray

Straight lines in the design to outline a vital state. Can you be organized with elegance and beauty? Of course, these are the feelings and emotions contained in the design.


Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project Takeda Design Project

It is an aluminum meter created to be kept easily (and elegantly) between your fingers. The three holes on the edge and its beauty make it possible to have multiple uses. You can choose whether to use it as a coil, keyring, object holder or even pendant.
A thousandth of a second. A single moment. Something that will attract you precisely in this space of time. This is the idea with which this product was born and you will realize it even more by seeing it live, touching it, experiencing it.

Takeda Design Project, a super awarded group

The products that are proposed by Takeda Design Project, have already had many positive feedbacks, as well as winning very important awards! Do you want to know them all?

MiLLi SECOND Metal Major

  • "Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award" in the Tsubame Industrial Design Contest 2015 (Japan)
  • Stationery Prize 2015 Design group Grand Prix (Japan)
  • Winner of the iF Design Award 2016 (Germany)
  • Nomination for the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD 2017 (Germany)

PRIMARIO/ Loupe series

  • Winner of the GERMAN DESIGN AWARD (Germany) excellent product design stationery

Takeda Design Project, the Design that was missing. You can find Takeda Design Project creations at TENOHA & | SHOP in via Vigevano 18, Milano.

Hidetoshi Nagasawa at Palazzo Reale in Naples - "Under the sky and above the earth"

The connections between Japan and Italy are increasingly present on our territory and the exhibition by Hidetoshi Nagasawa at the Royal Palace of Naples is proof of this.

Hidetoshi Nagasawa

"Under the sky and above the earth" is the name of Hidetoshi Nagasawa's exhibition at the Royal Palace of Naples until 10 March 2020. However, before going into the heart of the exhibition, let's briefly see who the artist is.

Who is Hidetoshi Nagasawa

Nagasawa was born in 1940 in a small village in Manchuria where his father served as a medical officer of the imperial army. Following the invasion by the Soviet Union, the family was forced to abruptly leave the country. The theme of the trip will deeply mark the heart of the artist and a large part of his artistic production.

Hidetoshi Nagasawa

The great journey

At the age of twenty-six, married for only six months, he decided to quit his career as an architect to devote himself exclusively to the artistic activity. So he left Japan with only five hundred dollars and a bicycle. The bicycle trip lasted a year and a half and led him to visit most of the countries of the Asian continent to reach Turkey. However, as he was about to return, listening to a Mozart opera on the radio prompted him to continue his journey. So he left on a ferry that would take him to Greece and, from there, with his bicycle, he arrived in Brindisi.

Once arrived in Italy, Hidetoshi Nagasawa visited Naples, Rome, Florence, Genoa, and Milan. Here, just like from the title of the famous movie, they stole his bicycle and so he decided to stop in August 1967.

The artistic evolution

Hidetoshi's first exhibition dates back to 1969 at the Sincron Gallery in Brescia. The production of this period is linked to conceptualism. These are verbal games engraved on metal plates, "actions" in the Lombard countryside and videos.

Since 1972 he has dedicated himself to sculpture and creates demanding works with the use mainly of gold, marble, and bronze. It is precisely in this period that Nagasawa's language takes on a precise physiognomy and originality. In fact, his style is characterized by the fusion of mythical and religious elements in a continuous dialogue between Eastern and Western culture.

In the eighties he began to create environments, operating on the border between sculpture and architecture. Here he decides to experiment with the creation of "anti-gravity" works and these works represent the focus of his research.

The garden became a predominant element in the nineties. Starting from the Zen gardens of the Japanese tradition, Hidetoshi Nagasawa arrives at a hybrid result. In fact, once again a continuous elaboration and personal reflection are born. We can, in fact, say that the themes at the center of research and the creation of "places" are the fence and the passage. The garden is no longer a simple landscape or architectural element but becomes a real living organism.

Hidetoshi Nagasawa: Under the sky and above the earth

With his innumerable journeys, Nagasawa came into contact with various cultures all different from each other. "To understand a culture, you always need another" he said in one of his last interviews and this seems to be the most effective quote for the exhibition at the Royal Palace of Naples, curated by Anna Imponente.

Created in collaboration with the CAMUSAC-Cassino Foundation Museum of Contemporary Art in Cassino, directed by Bruno Corà, with the valuable contribution of Ryoma Nagasawa, the exhibition focuses on a series of large sculptures.

In fact, in the court of honor we find the majestic "Well in the sky", 1995-2014 (200x1000x1000 cm). Boat, 1983-1988 (60x350x80 cm) of brass and paper clings to the walls of the monumental access staircase. Il Groviglio di quanta, 2014 (525x40x40 cm) and Matteo Ricci, 2010 (50x360x360 cm), composed of eight Carrara marble and steel elements lying on the ground are works in which iron and marble create a game of seemingly vacillating joints.

Hidetoshi Nagasawa

However, the beauties of Hidetoshi Nagasawa do not end there. In fact, we also find a selection of graphic works in wax and charcoal. These works configure galaxies and landscapes and echo the idea of a delimited and concluded space typical of oriental gardens.

"Nagasawa's installations lowered into the rational architecture of the late Mannerist geometric forms of Palazzo Reale," says Anna Imponente, "express, in opposition, the aesthetic and philosophical concept of the "Ma", the interval of the "empty" space between multiple elements structural, in indefinite and suspended positions ".

Hidetoshi Nagasawa

If in these last winter weekends you don't know what to do, we suggest you make a small stop in Naples and enjoy this exhibition in all its beauty and grandeur.

Details on the exhibition

When: From 10 December 2019 to 10 March 2020
Hours: Thursday to Tuesday 9: 00-20: 00 (last admission 19.00); Wednesday closed.
Where: Royal Palace Piazza del Plebiscito, Naples
Ticket price: Royal Palace and exhibition € 6 - Reductions and gratuity according to current legislation
Contact and information:


MANAKA, the marriage between tradition and modernity.

Feeling the Japanese tradition and living it in our days, this is MANAKA. A brand that uses traditional technologies for the present day, so that posterity can also have the honor of experiencing the history of Japan.


Now that the world is running fast and everything is a fusion of various cultures, MANAKA wants to preserve and bring true Japanese taste to life and let all those who really love Japan wear this. Each dress has a soul, the soul of Japanese designers and craftsmen. A soul that wants to show itself and speak today by telling what Japan was, what it is and what it will be. Each work is not static, but has a life, a movement. MANAKA is art in motion. As Imortant as all of this is, it should actually be screamed, instead however everything is told with an all-Japanese elegance and education, a desire that is born with Producer Yukiko Yamanaka.

Art in motion

MANAKA is a name that we can now see worldwide. From the exhibitions at the Italian Triennale Art Museum, from Taiwan and Singapore to the diplomatic events of the 80th anniversary in Paraguay, in South America and during demonstrations at TEDX in Hong Kong. MANAKA is also worn by the finalists of Miss Universe Japan and World Supermodel. In fact, these dresses not only underline their beauty but give an atmosphere and a particularity that other brands can hardly give. Even the media have not remained indifferent. MANAKA has in fact appeared in big media names including Toyo Economic online, Tokyo Business Today, "DiGJAPAN!" of Shobunsha and TOKYO FRONT LINE, and these are just a few examples.

MANAKA at the Salone del mobile 2020

After receiving the coveted award at the World Supermodel Production 2019, we will be able to attend the presentation of the new MANAKA Phoenix Kimono dress at the Salone del Mobile 2020 in Milan! An opportunity not to be missed, not only because you can admire the wonder of the kimono fabrics originally dyed in the Kobayashi Somekoubou laboratory of the town of Tango, in Kyoto but also a dress that perfectly represents Japan and its tradition. You cannot miss this opportunity, enjoy the vision of this MANAKA kimono dress at the Salone del Mobile 2020!

Collaboration between MANAKA and KOBAYASHI SOMEKOUBOU

Fabric but also dye. The MANAKA Phoenix Kimono dress is special for various reasons. Let's go into more detail.

Silk as a fabric is very important, but MANAKA wanted to make the Kimono Phoenix dress even more special and unique! For this reason, the brand started a collaboration with a laboratory in Tango (Kyoto), famous for its fabrics and for its ability in dyeing silk with over 35 years of experience. All this creates the "Tango-Chirimen" and the original fabric of the MANAKA clothes is treated with the "Tango Blue" dyed by the hand of Tomohisa Kobayashi. Thanks to this collaboration, MANAKA has decided to produce kimono and kimono-poncho clothes.


It is probably the first "Tango Blue" fabric in the kimono sector and this is the first time that this fabric has been used for a dress. As we said at the beginning, tradition and modernity together.

"Tango Blue" is the infinite and unique color of the Tango ocean, north of Kyoto, a tint with a level of robustness greater than 4 which, however, can be seethrough, intense and brilliant. The result of a great study and the experience of the Kobayashi Somekoubou studio.

MANAKA clothes in detail


Monochrome Phoenix Dress, World Supermodel Japan
Model / YUIKO Photographer / Chiaki Oshima

Phoenix Dress, the dancing phoenix

Always synonymous of freedom and movement, here is another work of art that is anything but static, on the contrary, it seems alive. A Phoenix dancing elegantly in the Japanese tradition, with decorations reminiscent of the Phoenix feathers put together in the fabric of the Kimono. The phoenix is the symbol of rebirth and who better than this legendary animal can embody the tradition that comes back to life in a new form? This is one of the feelings with which MANAKA dresses women, making them unique and elegant.


Phoenix Dress red & black
Modella / Hiro Nishiuchi Photographer / Chiaki Oshima

Goldfish dress, goldfish that swim

A work of art in motion, born from the feeling of wanting to wear tradition with a new shape. The elements of the kimono are decomposed and recomposed in a completely new design. When worn, it moves harmoniously, it is something that you can feel as if it was alive and that makes the wearer even more beautiful. The woman's body and its curves are respected and not only! Also exalted in a vortex of delicate movements that convey the burst of Japan's history. You can not remain unnoticed with such a dress, it will surely make you regal and recognizable in any situation.

In fact, you can already see this from the photos, the movement that the elegant folds make on the woman's body. Everything speaks of revisited tradition, of history in our time that we now have the good fortune to wear. This dress was designed and created so that the woman could walk like a goldfish moving its delicate and elegant fins in a river caressed by the wind.


Goldfish dress
Model / Mayuko Sakurano - Photographer / Chiaki Oshima

Kimono Poncho

This Poncho, it's actually a Kimono brought to new life, with a mix of elegance, tradition and sensuality. In fact, one can only feel special and observed while wearing it. Look at the movements of the fabric and try them on, it will fascinate you with respect and elegance giving you the feeling of living in history.

HEEL GETA Flower & HEEL GETA Kimono Haikara

An outfit is not complete without the right shoes. Tradition must be completely revisited, therefore MANAKA has also thought of the famous Japanese wooden clogs, obviously revisited in modernity. HEEL GETA Flower and HEEL GETA Kimono Haikara are perfectly created with the fabric of the kimono, pure silk and vintage feathers.

Heels and soles are handmade by MANAKA craftsmen one at a time. All this great work and deep feeling to give a soft and feminine silhouette. These shoes are created not only to be spectacular but also to be comfortable and easily adaptable to any foot. Thanks to these special flip-flops that grasp the instep perfectly, we will even forget that they are shoes with heels while we wear them. The Getas are designed to be elegant and make the wearer feel comfortable. It is an elegant comfort to wear, worthy of a Japanese outfit and still alive in the hearts not only of the nostalgic but also of those who love modernity.

MANAKA wants to fascinate your interest in the culture and tradition of the Kimono, this brand wants to give you a dress that can be worn easily and beautifully without the difficulty that once existed.

Harmony, tradition, elegance, movement, life. Here's what moves the ropes of MANAKA! Do you want to see the return of tradition? See it take on a new life? Don't miss this opportunity, MANAKA awaits you at the Salone del Mobile 2020 in Milan with its unique clothes, the Tango Chirimen fabric and the Tango Blue! Also, you can find MANAKA articles at TENOHA & | SHOP, Japan and the Japanese tradition are here!

TENOHA &| TASTE: it's Setsubun time

Spring is approaching and with the beginning of the lunar year the Setsubun also returns to TENOHA Milano.

Setsubun Setsubun TENOHA Milano

Stetsubun is a very important occasion, considered as important as "new year's eve" in Japan. With the start of the lunar new year, this anniversary purifies the evil of the previous year and chases away the evil spirits of the new one. The term Setsubun derives from change (bun) and season (setsu). The ritual of purification from evil is called Mamemaki and consists of throwing soybeans against Toshi Otoko (年男, man of the year), the man of the family born under the zodiac sign of the incoming lunar year or in his absence the oldest family member in the house. He will be the one to wear a demon mask and have soybeans thrown at him while shouting "Oni wa soto! Fuku wa uchi!" or "Demons go out! Good luck come inside!". The children then collect the beans and eat one for each year of their age.

Setsubun can be celebrated in TENOHA Milano this year too! There will be an aperitif full of unique and special contents! Would you like to know more?

Each person will have the chance to eat a whole roll of Ehomaki (one roll is about 20 cm) facing the direction of luck which is different each year and depends on the zodiac sign of the new year. The Ehomaki contain ingredients of seven different colours that represent the seven deities of society. If you can eat all the Ehomaki roll according to the rules, you will have a very lucky year! In this case, you will have a very lucky year of the Mouse. Are you ready to try?


The Setsubun is the ideal time for those who want to live a different experience together with your friends and loved ones, feeling in Japan without taking the plane. As you well know, TENOHA Milano often gives you this possibility. Renew your energies, do it in joy and with determination! It will be the talisman against all evil that will allow you to live the new year in a very Japanese way!

Details for the Setsubun aperitif event

When: from 31 January to 3 February from 18:00 to 20:30
Where: TENOHA &| TASTE, Via Vigevano 10, 20144 Milano
Cost: 12€ aperitivo

* buffet + Ehomaki + drink
* Powered by ASAHI

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