TOKYO TESHIGOTO celebrates the arrival in Milan

Are you ready to experience TOKYO TESHIGOTO in TENOHA MILANO with a special traditional and modern event?


TOKYO TESHIGOTO is a project that mixes the skill of the artisans of Tokyo and modern production. Surely you know how rich the traditional Japanese art that was created by Edo craftsmen is and how important it is to transmit it to the new generations. For this TENOHA Milano offers us another trip to Japan to discover the manual works of the masters called "Takumi" and Edo aesthetics. In addition to spreading the Edo aesthetics of "iki" and "inase", the Takumi are challenging new types of Tokyo crafts so that more people can get to know and experience it. You can find all TOKYO TESHIGOTO products at the TENOHA Milano shop, to touch the emotion of the Edo period with your own hands and bring it home.

TENOHA Milano obviously could not avoid celebrating this great news! Don't miss the TOKYO TESHIGOTO launch party! You will feel not only closer to the history of Japan but also enriched by something that normally you could not experience. It will be an extraordinary evening in which tradition is combined with modernity: the history of Japan enriched by the DJ set of Andrea Ratti. What are you waiting for? Do you want to spend one of those special evenings that only TENOHA Milano can organize for you?


All products will be available for purchase from TENOHA & | SHOP

When: 25 January from 18.00 to 20.00
Where: TENOHA MILAN - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan


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TENOHA &| TASTE: Best Hakken Returns

Who of you remembers the TENOHA MILANO Hakken Menu? Japan Italy Bridge is delighted to wish you a wonderful 2020 with great news. Now you can try again or for the first time the dishes that have been more successful from the HAKKEN Menu 1 e 2. Are you curious to know how to do it? Well, first of all, you have to come to TENOHA MILAN, the only true corner of Japan in Italy, then read below!

# 1 - From AICHI prefecture 愛知県: HITSUMABUSHI ひつまぶし風うなぎ丼


Although many said they did not like eel, it seems that this dish has conquered everyone's hearts and stomachs. I myself loved it particularly and strongly recommend you try it again and if you have never tried it. Run, you have 13 days! It is a bowl of rice with grilled eel covered with kabayaki sauce (soy sauce, mirin, sake and sugar), accompanied by various dressings and broth.

Cost: 18 €
When: from 13 to 26 January

# 2 - From KANAGAWA prefecture: SUKIYAKI DON すき焼き丼


The second "heartbreaker" dish is the Sukiyaki Don. Everyone loved it and many of you were dying to eat it again. Now you can do it! Only the description will melt your soul: bowl of rice with SUKIYAKI (beef, mixed vegetables, shiitake mushrooms, tofu in Sukiyaki sauce) served with poached eggs and kobachi.

Cost: 16€
When: from 27 January to 9 February

# 3 - From OSAKA prefecture 大阪 : YAKI UDON & TAKOYAKI 焼うどんとたこ焼きのセット


And what do we have from Osaka prefecture? Another spectacular and unique dish, something that you can find either in Japan or in this corner of Japan in Milan. It is stir-fried udon with prawns and vegetables, accompanied by the famous Takoyaki.

Cost: 16€
When: from February 10th to March 1st

From January 13th to March 1st you know where you can find the perfect lunch and dinner, for you and your friends or why not, with your loved one it is also a very romantic menu! As always TENOHA MILANO likes to pamper and spoil you, so don't miss this new opportunity to feel in the land of the Rising Sun!

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The New Year has a special meaning for the Japanese and they usually celebrate it with special dishes such as Osechi Ryori and we celebrate it at TENOHA MILANO.

Osechi Ryori Osechi Ryori TENOHA

The New Year (O-Shogatsu) is the most traditional celebration in Japan. To celebrate in full tradition, TENOHA MILANO has prepared a special menu. For the first days of 2020 we will be able to taste Osechi Ryori (おせち料理). Do you know what it is?

Each ingredient is special because this is considered the most important meal of the year precisely because it's the one that welcomes it! Osechi Ryori are the traditional foods that are prepared on New Year's Eve. Something not only delicious, but also splendid to see! Even the eyes will enjoy this wonder before the stomach does. An assortment of colorful dishes packed together in special boxes called jubako, which looks like a bento box.


You cannot miss them or start the year without this delight for the eyes and the palate. What do you do? Are you coming for dinner, lunch or both? You can obviously try them both since Osechi Ryori will be at your disposal from January 1st to 12th!

Osechi Ryori Details




UMAMIJIRU • 豆腐と野菜の旨味汁

How Osechi Ryori is made

Salmon, tuna, octopus, ikura (salmon roe), egg omelette, lotus root and dill served with rice

Shrimp, yuan salmon, eggs, vegetable and chicken stew, kamaboko, carrots and daikon

Dashi soup with tofu and seasonal vegetables

So if you want something new, all you have to do is come to TENOHA Milano and amaze yourself and others with Osechi Ryori, surely something you can't find anywhere else! Obviously, we at Japan Italy Bridge will be there and we are looking forward to see you!


When: Lunch and dinner from January 1st to 12th
Where: TENOHA MILAN - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan

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TENOHA & | SHOP: Fukubukuro, the Lucky Bags land in Milan

TENOHA Milano still amazes and introduces us to the Fukubukuro or better known as Lucky Bag. Do you know what they are? If you went to Japan you surely know what we are talking about. However, in case you never went there, obviously thanks to TENOHA MILANO you can live it and learn about these beautiful lucky bags here in Milan! In fact, the same name Fukubukuro has the meaning of: fuku, good luck and fukuro, bag.


The beauty of this is exactly not knowing what's inside, the surprise. Since we are kids, the surprise is what has always fascinated us the most, waiting, discovering something new. Now, you can do it right here at TENOHA Milano with these special surprise bags! In Japan they can be found, in various forms and with various prices during the holiday season. It is not only a nice surprise but also something that has to do with a very important Japanese saying, Nokorimononihafukugāru or "there is a treasure in what remains". What does it mean? That sometimes, what is not taken into consideration and maybe discarded, it still may contain something special. Do not leave any stone unturned, so run to discover the beautiful surprises that are reserved for you.


When: dal 21 Dicembre al 6 Gennaio
Where: &|SHOP TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: Da 25 a 75€, ci saranno 3 Temi dedicati per 3 Fasce prezzi

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TENOHA & | WORKSHOP: getting to know Sandalino

An opportunity not to be missed, both for adults and children! TENOHA MILANO presents the new pop-up book for children "Sandalino" by Shingu Susumu! Have you ever heard about it?

It tells the story of a mysterious and sweet robot that falls from the sky into the garden of a child, it is he who calls him Sandalino because he likes his sandals. But the name Sandalino is also a tribute to the region of origin of the master Shingu, Sanda in the prefecture of Hyōgo, where the Susumu Shingu Wind Museum is located with all the sculptures designed by the artist. Also this time you don't need to take the plane and you can meet this tender character at TENOHA MILANO through a creative workshop held by Anne-Lise Calas of Lili's Atelier.

The event in collaboration with L'Ippocampo Edizioni, which edited the Italian edition of the book, is very reminiscent of Collodi's novel "The Adventures of Pinocchio". Don't miss the chance to experience a special fairytale day with your children! If you participate in the unmissable workshop, you can have the book SANDALINO discounted by 15% at the & | SHOP in TENOHA Milano!


When: December 14th 2019 from 15:00 to 16:00
Where: TENOHA MILAN - Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milan
Cost: € 25
Participants: 15 pax per session (from 6 - 9 years old, under 6 years old accompanied children)

* Advance payment is required at least 2 days before the workshop date.

For more information, you can write to: or click the following link:

TENOHA & | TASTE: Sake Experience with Ayako Yoshida

The Hakken menu continues at TENOHA MILANO but this time we are talking about sake!

sake hakken

TENOHA MILANO once again brings Japan to Italy. Get ready, organize three special days with those you love or with friends to come to TENOHA Milano! This special Japanese drink becomes again the protagonist of a new experience with the collaboration of CBCTV Japan!
The internationally renowned sake sommelier, Ayako Yoshida, will take us on a wonderful journey with the company of different types of sake from two areas of Japan, Hokuriku and Shinshu.

Ayako Yoshida has decided to let us get to know these new flavors directly from Japan! Absolutely unique food and drinks, you can't miss this special occasion! The TENOHA aperitif is always more unique than rare, you can't find the same or better anywhere else, but this time they have outdone themselves! Are you ready? Obviously you will find us from Japan Italy Bridge here in the front row, join us in discovering new flavors!

Sake Hakken Hightlights

※ Special Guest: Ayako Yoshida, internationally renowned sake sommelier
※ Japanese welcome drink
※ Sake selection and food pairing with specialties from Hokuriku and Shinshu
※ Japanese Tea


When: 6-7-8 December from 6.00pm to 8.30pm
Where: &|TASTE TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: 12€

*Powered by CBCTV

Japan History: Shimazu Yoshihiro

Shimazu Yoshihiro (August 21, 1535 - August 30, 1619), also known as Shimazu Tadahira and Hyogo no kami. Second son of Shimazu Takahisa, he was the 17th Shimazu clan leader.

Shimazu Yoshihiro

photo credits:

He began serving his brother Yoshihisa in many military campaigns. During the battle of Kizaki, the "Okehazama of Kyūshū" in 1572, 300 men of Yoshihiro defeated Itō Yoshisuke's three thousand soldiers. In 1577 he obtained the supremacy of the Shimazu over the province of Hyūga. Later he participated in the battles of Takabaru (1576), Mimigawa (1576), Minamata (1581), and Hetsugigawa (1587).

The life of Shimazu Yoshihiro: From 1587 to 1600

In 1587 he was appointed daimyō following the submission of the Shimazu to Hideyoshi. He later led 10,000 men in the first Korean campaign (1592-93) from his ship Kotaka-maru. During this battle, a number of servants including his brother Toshihisa protested the call to arms and for this, they were punished by Yoshihiro. He then fought the second Korean campaign in the battles of Namwon and Sacheon. With these battles, he kidnapped some Korean potters as prisoners of war. This created a new style of vases called Satsuma-yaki which subsequently increased trade in the province.

Shimazu Yoshihiro

photo credits:

During the battle of Sekigahara in the 1600s, according to the novel Rakusuishū of the Edo period, Yoshihiro appears to have been on the side of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Later humiliated by Torii Mototada on arrival at Fushimi's castle, he moved over to Ishida Mitsunari before Mōri Terumoto declared war by persuading Uesugi Kagekatsu to ally with them.

Yoshihiro and Mitsunari

According to his subordinate Kando Kutarō, Yoshihiro was a close friend of Mitsunari. However, novelists of the Edo period distorted reality by saying that Mitsunari had not listened to any of Yoshihiro's plans, including the notorious surprise night attack of the day before the real battle. Instead, that day, Yoshihiro and his 1500 samurai simply presided over their area without a fight. Yoshihiro was stormed by at least 30,000 Ieyasu troops, so he tried many times to get to the same Ieyasu. Yoshihiro retired and his troops simulated a false retreat called Sutegamari when a number of men died repelling the attacks. Toyohisa and most of the troops died allowing Yoshihiro to retire with his wife. He then moved from the province of Settsu to return to the province of Satsuma.

Shimazu Yoshihiro

photo credits:

Shiramine Jun, an important Japanese historian, wrote that Yoshihiro had been involved in the power struggle between Shimazu Yoshihisa and Ijuin Tadamune. In fact, for this reason, Yoshihiro lost the support of Yoshihisa during the Sekigahara campaign.

Ieyasu, noting Yoshihiro's behavior on the battlefield, caused the Shimazu clan to maintain his rule. In fact, he chose Yoshihiro's son Shimazu Tadatsune as his successor. In 1609, Yoshihiro and Tadatsune began a punitive expedition against the Ryūkyu kingdom.
He appears to have fought in 52 battles during his lifetime and was a skilled commander.

The death

Yoshihiro retired to Sakurajima and started teaching the younger generation. He died in 1619 causing the suicide of many of his servants who had joined him for the rest of his life.

TENOHA & | WORKSHOP: customized pop-up cards

We are approaching Christmas and TENOHA MILANO, who has always accustomed us to wonderful surprises, has decided to give us another special event: a workshop dedicated to personalizing your greeting cards!


This is a Christmas edition workshop to wait for the holidays together with a great artist, Anne Lise, aka Lili, who for over eleven years has worked for important international brands as an illustrator. In her Atelier, she organizes workshops to give space to imagination and DIY.

The gift is certainly beautiful, but accompanied by a special and personalized ticket is even better! Do you want to build your greeting card and amaze everyone? You can do it here at TENOHA Milano. It will be an experience not only unique but certainly fun. TENOHA Milano never leaves us without surprises! We are waiting for you!

TENOHA Biglietti pop up


When: 30 novembre dalle 16.00 alle 18.00
Where: & | WORK TENOHA MILANO — Via Vigevano, 18, 20144 Milano
Cost: 30€ pax
Pax: 10 max