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Identification of the most optimal solutions to convey brand awareness by creating a tailored communication and PR plan based on the client’s needs and vision.

Creation of strategies for your social media pages to generate more engagement and increase brand awareness for the company. From creating the monthly visual feed to posting it online.

Planning and execution of PR projects that use digital media and influencer marketing.

Building and management of websites that use creative and functional layouts to facilitate e-commerce, generate sales, and improve customer conversion.




Use of special featured posts to promote your business throughout our community on various platforms and websites.

Production of creative content from writing, storyboarding, shooting, to post-production, delivery, and even use of content to work in conjunction with other ongoing initiatives. Content types include photos, videos, articles, and more.

Planning and holding events that are tailored to your company’s image, concept, and requirements to promote your business.

Japan Italy Bridge Blog

Our tips and experiences

Japan Italy: Far East Film Festival

There is a very special event from April 26 to May 4, we are talking about the Far East Film…

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Bringing Japan to Italy: episode 02 – Masami Suda

After the huge success of the first episode dedicated to Alberto Moro, today we share with you our…

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Japan Travel: Character Cafes

Japan is the richest land when it’s about magical places, in every sense! Even stopping for a snack…

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Japan Italy Bridge interviews: KUDEN – Part 2

We are pleased to kick-off our initiative, “Japan Italy Bridge interviews”, which introduces…

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Japan Italy: Nendo shop @ TENOHA Milano

The Milano Design Week is about to start and today we want to share with you a special…

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Japan Modern Culture: 令和 ReiWa, the new Era

Exactly one month ahead of Prince Naruhito's accession to the throne, Chief Cabinet Secretary…

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About Us

Who we are

Japan Italy Bridge Bridge is a bridge that connects Japan’s culture and lifestyle with that of Italy’s. Our mission is to connect and promote Italian companies in Japan, and Japanese companies in Italy, to share and bring together the cultures of both countries.

Our services aim to promote the companies of one country to the other through the use of digital communication and social media.

In order to further bring cultures and lifestyles together, our site also provides information and factoids about the traditions, history, monuments, and topics of interests in both countries.
We believe we will be able to raise awareness about the entities that have been hidden thus far.

We are Japan Italy Bridge.

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  • Torii Suneemon was a Japanese samurai of the Torii family
  • Another special event is waiting for you at TENOHA this
  • Join us at tenohamilano for a unique taste experience of
  • The Sanja Matsuri  is one of the most famous
  • In the middle of May on every oddnumbered year the
  • One of the most beautiful and desirable views in the
  • One of Kyoto s and Japan s three most wellknown
  • In Japan even stopping for a snack can become a
  • Happy Kodomonohi ! Its Childrens day! Its time to respect